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Tobin Mitnick


Trees there I said it. Book: MUST LOVE TREES Podcast: In the Company of Trees

Must Love Trees: An Unconventional Guide. Pre-order in the link in the bio now. #booktok  created by Tobin Mitnick with Tobin Mitnick’s original sound
@Jonathan Kung almost died on Runyon Canyon. Today on “in the company of trees”!! Listen, rate, review, subscribe, then grab jon’s book!!
Today on In The Company of Trees: @justin davies is in denial about his desire to experience nature as nature intended.
Tyler’s book giveaway! First, enjoy this clip of @tyler scaring the pee out of me with his descriptions of different types of hauntings from this week’s interview of “In the Company of Trees”. Then, I’ll send a free copy of “Gentle Chaos” to whomsoever tells the best ghost story that happened to them in the comments. Then listen to the ep! And subscribe! And rate! It’s in the link!
Why is @tyler putting Grandma in the freezer? Find out Thursday on “In the Company of Trees”! Link in the bio!
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