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UK based small business /one of a kind cruelty free candles & stone homewares.





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just some snippets from making our floral incense holder   #incenseholder #handmadeuk #homedecor #homeoffice #smallbusiness #satisfying #seasonal #decor  created by J e u n e   Home with TommyMuzzic & ZeddMusique's Under The Influence x Renegade (sped up to perfection) - TikTok Remix
It was time I’d try out the new M221 thermal printer from @phomemo_official . I’ve had their M110 version and have used it for all sorts of projects, even made labels for my wax melts, labeled leftover boxes and created cute little stickers for a party that I am hosting soon.
This new printer is better than the last one, here are two things that convinced me:
-usb cable serving not only as a charger but now it can print from PC as well making my life a tad easier as I’d always had to transfer the data on my phone to print.
-updated paper size/ the M221 version is wider than the old m110 and it can print labels up to 70-80 mm (whaat?!!) I needed this size desperately to update my packaging ( video coming soon).
Personally I am obsessed with little gadgets that make my life easier and elevate my business, and although I was happy with the old version, I love this better for the reasons mentioned above.
The printer comes with instructions in English and German, it is pretty easy to figure out how to work on it. It prints black and white using heat ( no ink required), you can use the printer app to create your own design and print your own minimalist stickers and labels or import photos with your desired design.
All the paper sizes I used with the M110 are compatible with M221, including the 30-40mm I used to create the labels for our wax melts samples ( launching on the website soon).

If you want to see more videos with what this printer can do or other gadget finds, drop a comment and let me know.

#phomemo #phomemo_official
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