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Jessica Flowers


I’m a vegan foodie and blogger who forages for wild mushrooms and grows plants




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Plant Based Candy Recipes

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Replying to @lou38316
Eating a variety of fermented foods really helps your gut health! This is so much cheaper and more effective than store bought probiotics.
To make sauerkraut you will need a kitchen scale. You can ferment the sauerkraut in a regular mason jar, but you will need to ‘burp’ it if you do that (press down the air bubbles so the cabbage stays under the brine). I use a fermention jar because it has a natural release for gases so i dont have to burp it.
You can use any kind of cabbage, add whatever spices or herbs for this!
1.Clean the cabbage
2.Weigh it
3.Calculate 2% of the weight, then add that much salt
4.Let sit for 1 hour
5. Massage the cabbage
6. Jar it up, add weights to jeep it under the brine

#probiotics #homemadefood #budgetcooking #healthyrecipes #recessionrecipes #foodietiktok #cheapvegan #sauerkraut #guthealth #guthealthtiktok
Replying to @kim011797 here’s how to make the fluffiest loaf of sourdough!

600 grams flour
420 grams water
90 grams freshly fed sourdough starter
12 grams salt

1. Feed sourdough starter the night before
2. Combine flour and water, mix until incorporated, let rest 1 hour
3. Stretch dough out over clean surface. Evenly coat sourdough starter over dough and sprinkle over salt.
Fold into a loaf.
4. Every 45-70 minutes stretch and fold the dough over itself about 3 times
5. Let dough rest in a warm spot for 4-6 hours
6. Shape the dough by folding in all four sides of it- refer to the video
7. Place in bread proofibg basket and cover with a wet, clean tea towel. Leave in the refrigerator over night
8. Place dutch oven in the oven at 500f for 30 minutes
9. Cut a slit in the top of your bread with a razorblade or sharp knife. Set your dough on parchment paper then place in the preheated covered dutch oven
10. Bake at 500f for 22 minutes, spray with water, remove lid, then reduce heat to 450f. Bake for 3-5 more minutes or until golden brown

#homemadefood #budgetcooking #healthyrecipes #recessionrecipes #foodietiktok #cheapvegan #veganrecipes #sourdoughbread #bakingtiktok #sourdoughtok #guthealth
Replying to @kbocean if you wanted to try washing the flour to make seitan this weekend- here are some of my tips and tricks! I also have a detailed blog post in my link in my bio and i have a YouTube video with in depth instructions. #homemadefood #budgetcooking #cheapvegan #veganrecipes #seitan #seitanrecipe #plantbasedrecipes #gluten #washtheflour #cookingtips
Replying to @sandrioskinas for less than $2 i was able to make 2 blocks of flavored tofu and lots of soy pulp! The soy pulp is perfect for veggie meatballs.
Here’s the recipe for the tofu:
2 cups dried soybeans, soaked overnight
1 tsp nigari or calcium chloride

Add one cup of the soaked soybeans to a blender with 3 cups water. Blend for 2-3 minutes so its very smooth. Pour it into a large stock pot- and repeat with the rest of the soybeans. Bring the stock pot to a simmer and let cook for 15 minutes. Pour into a large bowl with a strainer and cheese cloth. Let cool. Squeeze out all the soy milk. Save the soy pulp for another recipe. Bring the soymilk back to the stockpot and bring to 180f. In a small bowl add 1 cup water to 1 tsp of nigari, let dissolve. Add it to the heated soy milk. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Line a tofu mold with cheese cloth over the sink. Pour in the curdled soy milk. Add some seasonings at this point if you’d like. As the tofu drains pour more of the curdles into the mold. Once it is filled wrap the cheese cloth over the surface and place a weight over it. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Store in a container with cold water. #homemadefood #homemadetofu #budgetcooking #budgetmeals #cheapvegan #veganrecipes #healthyrecipes #tofu #tofurecipe #recessionrecipes
#stitch with @thelifeofev the truth is, i make and grow my own food to save money. I save so mich money by baking at home, making my own seitan, making my own tofu, making my own cheese, and making my own fermentations. I love artisanal foods, it tastes better, is healthier, and is cheaper. I think its pretty fun too! #relatable #recession #recessioncore #homemadefood #homecooking #fermenttok #slowliving #savingmoney #cheapvegan
Golden oyster mushrooms are so delicious and easy to grow! I’m using @northspore growing kit where I cut the kit open and left it next to a humidifier. I love golden oyster mushrooms over ramen- I’m too excited to watch them grow! #growingmushrooms #oystermushroom #goldenoystermushroom #growingfood #mushroomcore #northspore #fungilovers #mushroom
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