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Jesikah Sundin


🌿🍄 Multi-award winning fantasy author. Forest photographer. Avid reader 🍄🌿

Thought I'd share a scene snippet from THE NIGHT MARKET with you . . . about a mortal seer enslaved by a faerie market run by raven shifters.
“You seek your fortune, Traveler?”

“Aye.” Rhylen removed his tattered top hat and walked in.

I pretended to ready my oracle cards but, beneath lowered lashes, I couldn’t drink him in fast enough. I never could, even after ten years on the road growing up together. He grew finer with age too.

Dark purple eyes, lined with ash, flicked to mine. Those eyes were the color of crushed elderberries limned in candlelight—deliciously rich and endless.

Berries were my weakness.

“I can offer you a slice of cake infused with a bite of happiness. My sister’s magic.”

“Sit, pet.” I adored this game we played before each opening night and had to work extra hard to remain in character when he set the cake before me with a devilish wink.

“I also offer you this.” He slid an intricately carved button across the table. A rose stamp design coated in black, chipping paint.

My mouth parted. “Where did you find this?”

A pleased grin curved his lips. “You're missing a button, aye?”

Our eyes locked. For a moment, I forgot the mechanics of breathing. “Two cards, pet.
One for the slice of cake and another for the button.”

“I will trade you a secret for a third card.”

I leaned in.

Gossip was my other weakness.

“I will trade,” I said. This, too, was part of our game. My diet consisted of sweets and delectable morsels of wit and scandal.

That knowing grin widened.

I attempted to school my face while shuffling my divination cards. But I could barely suppress my humor and sputtered another laugh while asking, “Three cards, pet. What answer do you seek?”

Rhylen slouched back into the chair and crossed his arms over his chest. “Does my mate love me back?”
A mortal seer enslaved by a traveling faerie market.

A Raven shifter forced into marriage to save his Caravan tribe.

And a future not even the cards could predict . . .
Also available in Kindle Vella
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A light buzzing sensation trickled in my head. I drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. My mind began floating in a way I had felt before, but I couldn’t remember how or why. I didn’t care, though. I only cared about indulging in whatever made me happy, every fantasy, every want—

Finn’s eyes snapped to mine. Anger thundered in his gaze. Why was he pissed with me? Before I could ask him, he cradled my face and drew me close.

“Mate,” he spoke across my lips in reply.

Heady pleasure, unlike any other, rippled down my body with just that one word. Mate. Besides my freedom, I possessed no greater fantasy than him, my husband of convenience. No greater desire. Even now, I couldn’t stop drinking in his beauty. I could drown in his smiles, his laughter, his teasing wit, the gentle feel of his hands on my skin. A thief’s touch. No one had cared for me the way he had. No one had even come close to making me feel like I mattered.

“Steal a thousand kisses from my lips, Finnan. Then steal a thousand more.” My fingers traced along the edge of his ear to the point and he shuddered. “Make my heart your next catch.”

“Taryn . . .” His voice cracked; his throat bobbed. He closed his eyes in a long blink, then said, “You will resist the coercion magic on the ferry. It is not allowed to touch your mortal mind.”

Available in KU
(link in bio)

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