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AuDHD Coach Jes


Autistic ADHDer Mentor, writer, trauma survivor, goofy goober 🥜 More On IG!

Something that comes up nearly *all* of my clients is the fact that, unless you find a way to allow yourself to rest and slow down, you’ll be trapped in a never ending cycle of burnout for… basically forever.

What they usually hear when I say that is that they have to drop absolutely everything and become a total couch potato for the foreseeable future, an impossible feat for most of us living under late stage capitalism.

But what if I told you there are ways to incorporate rest into your life without actually having to change anything you’re currently doing?

You see, there is a ton of mental energy that goes into constantly beating yourself up for not being “productive” enough, or pushing through sensory overload, or trying to please everyone around you all the time, or any other common thing that us late-realized auDHDers tend to do.

What I work with folks on is putting down some of the patterns that lead to spending unnecessary energy beating ourselves up, when it could be spent on… literally anything but that.

Then, once they’re able to clear up some of that space in their heads, they come to find how much less exhausted they are at the end of the day when they’re able to rest their minds just a bit.

If you’re interested in learning how to stop spending unnecessary mental energy and give your brain a well-needed break, my Combo Platter Community is for you!

Made for auDHDers by an auDHDer, you’ll get the skills and support you need to incorporate a little more rest into your life, even if you can’t “physically” slow down quite yet.

Sign up today at the link in my bio →
#stitch with @Nicque Marina you don't have to forgive the person who hurt you in order to heal from it.
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