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IG: jeremysaffer www.jeremysaffer.com

Los Angeles! Exciting news! people who sign up for the upcoming @samyscamera totally tubular workshop will get a FREE Nanlite 15Cii Pavotube! So not only do you get to learn how to use them, not only do you get to shoot with them, but you get to have one! Don't miss it! Sept 22nd and 23rd at Samy's a two day music photography lighting workshop! lighting iconography with @Profoto and totally tubular with @Nanlite USA | LED Video Lights @NANLITE Global it's going to be an incredible two days where I will be teaching both types of lighting. do a live photo shoot with a band. and then YOU take over and photograph the band doing multiple set ups. Los Angeles don't miss your chance for this incredible weekend.
#lightingworkshop #lightingiseverything #samyscamera #nanite #nanliteusa #nanliteglobal #profoto #profotousa #musicphotography #bandphotography
If you could trade places with me, would you? Now is your chance Los Angeles! I will be at @samyscamera Sept 22-23rd doing a two day music photography workshop. I will be teaching my techniques, how I light, how I pose, how I photograph, as I do a live demo shoot with a special guest band then YOU take over. using what you learned, using the incredible lighting, you will be doing multiple photo shoots with the special guest bands. This is going to be an incredible and intensive learning weekend. this is my last West Coast photography workshop of the year. don't miss it, start seeing these shoots through your own camera instead of your cell phone screen. only ten spots available, and far less than ten spots still left. remaining tickets available thru Samy's.
@Nanlite USA | LED Video Lights @NANLITE Global @Profoto @Matthews Studio Equipment @SIGMA America
#lightingiseverything #musicphotography #bandphotography #rockphotography #createavisuallegacy #nanliteusa #nanlite #nanliteglobal #profoto #matthewsgrip #matthewsstudioequipment #samyscamera #photoworkshop #photographyworkshop #lighting #lightingworkshop #pavotube #leicacamera #leica #leicasl2 #sigma #sigmaphoto
Lighting is everything. Want to learn some incredible lighting techniques? Want to learn how to do what I do? In a few short weeks I will be in Chicago at ClickCon doing 2 full day lighting workshops and 3 mini workshops during the con. I'll also be at @uptownshots in NYC in August doing a 2 day workshop, and @samyscamera in Los Angeles in September doing another 2 day workshop. plenty of opportunities if you want to learn how to do what I do and even do your own studio shoots with bands at the workshops! I'll be teaching all about @Nanlite USA | LED Video Lights @NANLITE Global tubes and LEDs as well as doing a @Profoto strobe workshop in Los Angeles!
Chicago July 31-Aug 4
NYC Aug 25-26
LA Sept 22-23
tics available though my page, early bird discounts on most tickets are running for another few days so move quickly if you want tickets!
now.... can you name all the bands in this video?
#rockphotography #bandphotography #musicphotography #behindthescenes #behindtheshoot #bts
The Set Up - The Shot. @chrismotionless photographed using two @nanliteglobal Pavotubes 60X. Make up by @angelaundead (couldn't tag her but make sure to check out their work)
Shot on @leica_camera_official SL2 with the 24-90.
#chrismotionless #motionlessinwhite #behindthescenes #fyp #nanlite
Tara and I at WPPI. Thank you so much for having us @matthewsgrip
We got to show how I use for lights in a 9x9 set what gear I use and why I use it while Tara modeled for myself and other attendees. feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about anything you see here.
model @yourlivingdeadgurl
wings @kayladouglasartistry
#wppi #fyp #goth #gothmodel #gothphotography
Yesterday was surreal. An incredible evening with incredible people that meant so much to me and far beyond me and my work. This was such an amazing night for the amazing daughters of darkness, the corpse painted blood spitting goddesses of metal. I know this night meant so much to them to see our combined work over almost 15 years come to fruition in such an incredible way at the gallery. I know it also meant a lot to my friends, family, and supporters to see work they know I worked so hard for finally find space in an incredible gallery. Thank you to all that came out, it truly means more than I could ever put into words. To Richard and Hailey for believing in me and the work, to Tyson who saw this project as I do and brought it to the world through the book, but most of all thank you to the daughters of darkness for allowing me to show the world your beauty, strength, and ferocity through my lens. next up: Daughters of Darkness Vol 2. (message me if you'd like to be a part of it). All remaining art prices and the incredible Collab piece between Richard and I will be available as.of Feb 6th thru Exhibit A Gallery and the Daughters of Darkness gallery will be up thru Feb 11th. the book, merch and box sets thru Rarebird books. Big thanks to @liquiddeath for providing the refreshments. Biggest thanks to all for making this dream come true. Thank you.
#daughtersofdarknessbook #daughtersofdarkness #corpsepaint #blackmetalart #blackmetal #womenofmetal #womenofblackmetal #powerfulwomen #galleryshow #artgallery #jeremysaffer #jeremysafferphotography #rarebird #rarebirdbooks
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