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Do you have this level of certainty when it comes to you reaching your dreams?

If you don’t, then your work is to practice getting there everyday.

Here are four things you can do that will help you create this level of certainty of your inevitable business success:

1. Commit to the long game.

It’s much easier to believe in your success when you stop putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed in a timeframe you made up.

Often times, especially if you don’t have a lot of business experience, things take MUCH LONGER to happen you think they will.

Give yourself grace and time.

2. Focus on habit building

The truth is your success will be inevitable when you focus each year on building the right habits and skills required of you.

Figure out what you need next and then give yourself time to develop the habits that will help you achieve that.

If you focus on one to two habit changes each year, you’ll be amazed at where you’ll be in 3 to 5 years.

3. Create your winning environment

If you want to be successful in anything you need to create an environment that makes it as easy for you to follow through as possible.

One of the best things you can do to create a great environment for your business success is to surround yourself with people who both believe in you and your dream AND will support you on the way there.

Isolation is the killer of dreams - especially big ones that require more than just yourself.

Get a coach, be in a group, membership or mastermind. Get entrepreneurial friends. Go to networking events.

But whatever you do, don’t go this journey alone.

You need others and they need you.

Plus - it’s way more fun! 😉

4. Focus on your progress and wins everyday.

This one speaks for itself. If you’re always focused on where you’re not yet, what went wrong or comparing yourself to others, you’ll likely end up in burnt out or quitting because the journey will become harder than need be.

If there was a habit for you to start with, it would be this one. Look for what’s working. Look for your progress in skill development. Look at the good.

Alright, what tips do you have on becoming certain your success? 🤩
The one where you gained confidence like Taylor Swift!

This Joyous Hotline is for all my fellow
#swifties to celebrate her coming to Toronto in Nov 2024!

And who better to remind us entrepreneurs to step into our confidence than the incomparable Taylor Swift?

Who is without a doubt my favourite musician and entrepreneur combo!

How many @taylorswift references in song name or lyric can you find?

AND can you name them in order? 😉

Let’s see!!

#joyoushotline #taytoronto #taylorswift #erastour #confidence
Is beating yourself up over lack of progress helpful?

You and I know that it’s not yet as high achievers we do it all the time.

If you’re in a place where you feel you ‘should’ be more productive but you’re just constantly not, it could be because you’re denying yourself space to heal and trying to perform at the same capacity you would be when you’re feeling great, but you just aren’t right now.

We have to honour the fact that we are not machines.

We can’t keep doing, doing, doing with out rest. We aren’t built like that. We must rest.

One of my favourite things that I share with my clients is that you have to make peace with your pace.

If you’re in a season of rest right now and your capacity is at 50 or 60% of what it is when you’re feeling great, then so be it.

If you give yourself time and space to rest and not do as much, you will eventually heal and you will get your capacity back. But berating yourself for it is only slowing your healing progress.

When you combine this with playing the long game in your business, then you know it’s okay to slow down. This isn’t going to affect your business in the long term. If anything, it will help your business because you’ll get back to your old self sooner rather than later.

Be kind to yourself, give yourself grace and honour the season of life that you're in and that will serve your business better in the long run.

Have you gone through a season like this? Or are you going through one now?

How did you handle it?

#fypbusiness #stressedout #burnoutpreventiontok
The one where you have a love/hate relationship with your business.

Sometimes I just crack myself up 😂 lol

I hope you enjoy this latest episode of The
#joyoushotline … it was inspired by a client I had years ago who said this was one of the big lessons she got out of working together.

Emotional regulation around your business is so important to playing the long game.

Focus on the long term… just like you would with your hubby. 😝

#joyousjourney #hotline #businesscoach #successmindset #fypbusiness
Sales calls don’t have to be icky or awkward at all.

I know many service providers can feel that way when it comes to price tags (I know I used to) however I learned a trick that made it much easier to talk money.

Here are 2 things you can do to have higher conversions on your sales calls as a Coach, consultant or service provider.

1 - Assume they can afford you.

When people are on a sales call you assume they can afford you.

Just like if they went into a high-end restaurant, they’re there because they can afford it. The server isn’t worried about whether or not they can pay the bill. They know the customer can otherwise they wouldn’t have went in there in the first place.

2 - Ensure they know your price range.

To make
#1 happen you need to ensure they know your price range. Either have it on your website OR in your pre-questionnaire have a question that states:

My pricing ranges from A to B. Are you willing and able to invest at that price to get the results you want?

It’s simple and effective. You can also let them know if payment plans are available.

Now, if you’d like more sales calls to practice this on, then come to my Sizzlin’ Summer Sales Masterclass on Thursday, July 6!

I’m going to show you a 1 hour/day method you can use to get some amazing clients this summer and set yourself up for a great fall (some sales will close then VS this summer).

This method is how I’ve gotten INCREDIBLE clients over the years.

It’s tried, tested and true.

And it’s all based on building relationships in an authentic yet strategic way.

You’ll love it!

Sign up here: https://www.jenniferltrask.com/sizzling-summer-sales

I can’t wait to be with you!!
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