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Replying to @Wolfie and Wyatt, Actually… #disneywishmovie #disneymovies #disneyprincess #disneyswish  created by Jenn Borget | Movie Mom with Jenn Borget | Movie Mom’s original sound
5 things parents need to know about Wish (no spoilers!)💜

1. The animation style is different. Not the old school traditional 2D or the new school 3D, but a mix of both. It doesn’t come across well in photos but goodness gracious it’s gorgeous on the big screen.

2. SO many Easter eggs! Don’t feel the need to catch them all. Sit back and enjoy it for the story it is. You’ll notice some subtle ones and a couple more obvious. Each watch you’re sure to notice more.

3. Some parts might be a little scary or intense for the youngest viewers. Not any more so than movies like Aladdin, and thankfully there are no jump scares. Lee Lee got a little nervous at one part but says it’s not scary. Just something to look out for (and more details are written out in our review on cherish365.com)

4. The movie is packed with positive messages. Be ready to talk about standing up for what’s right and holding on to your wishes.

5. With a runtime of an hour and a half it’s not too long for little ones, but the beginning might feel a little slower for squirmy ones. For my 5-year-old the party really started once Star showed up.

From the music to the message, I was in love. And personally loved the theme about us all being connected and made from the same stuff. And the diversity and friendship is beautiful to see on the big screen. I hope you all give it a shot!

Our full spoiler-free review is on Cherish365.com.

Are you planning to see Wish this weekend? When you do please share your review. Would love to know what you think!

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Replying to @VivianTheSharkSlayer Here’s what we know about Asha:
1. She’s Disney’s first African “princess”
2. She’s Disney’s first Iberian “princess”
3. She’s the first Disney “princess” voiced by an Afro-Latina actress (Ariana DeBose)
4. Disney’s first biracial heroine.
5. First to wear braids and cornrows
I put “princess” in quotes cause I’m not certain she is considered one yet hut technically we know she’s a Disney heroine.

Of course all of this is a fairytale and a fictional land, but its still nice to see new representation. Are you going to go see Wish? #wishmovie #disneywishmovie2023 #asha #disneyprincesses #disneymovies #disneydiversity #disney100 #disneyasha
#duet with @Jodi Polasky told yall! If you wanna get specific, accoding to Disney, Asha’s mom is North African and her late father was European/Iberian. So she’s biracial (but still black). Cant wait to see the movie, and I hope she doesnt turn into an animal 😆! #wish #ashadisney #wishmovie #disneywishmovie
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