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JDB Collecting millions of transaction on BSC 🌐: https://linktr.ee/jdb_official



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What do you want to see in the DApp?
Was wollt ihr noch in der dApp sehen?


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📣 JDB - Public Product Backlog 📣

We decided to give you a deep dive into the DApp roadmap.
The roadmap is dynamic and priorities can change during the course of development.
We have created a Trello board where you can follow the current status live: CLICK
Additionally, we have included the Trello link in our DApp. (Links below at the socials)

⭐️ Add Filters:
- We will add filters to the tables for more customized research

⭐️ Telegram notifications:
- Get DApp notifications on your Telegram

⭐️ DEX widget on scan token:
- Swap your token directly on the Scan Token page

⭐️ Track and display scams:
- Also show this data, which has been declared as scam by our security filter, for a deeper insight and more transparency

⭐️ Track and display transfers:
- Save hours on blockchain explorers and see transfers and airdrops in a simple way

⭐️ Contract wallets follow function:
- Follow contract related wallets and receive notifications when e.g. BNBs are sent out of the marketing wallet.

⭐️ Add BUSD info on contract holding component:
- Show balances of contract related wallets also in BUSD

⭐️ Release ETH Data:
- ETH data release on our DApp. Comes with corresponding NFTs on the ETH Chain.

⭐️ Display history of deployed tokens:
- See which tokens have certain wallets deployed and vice versa

⭐️ Analytics dashboard page:
- get creative and create your own tables and dashboard with the help of the data

⭐️ Chat between wallets:
- Chat with other wallets. 100% anonymously.

⭐️ I18N:
- DApp in different languages

⭐️ Wallet groups:
- We will assign different wallets to the same person. Opens many opportunities and profitable wallet groups.

⭐️ Copy trading feature:
- Automated copy trading

⭐️ Launchpad:
- Projects can launch their token on our DApp and choose which wallets can contribute.

⭐️ Track and display gasfees:
- To track the environmental footprint. Partnership with a corresponding project.

Just Data from Blockchain, for your success!

#JDB #BSC #dataanalytics #dapp #blockchain #bigdata #crypto
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