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Married + 6 boys + 1 girl 🚌 LIVE in a bus 🌎 travel IG:AmericanFamilyRoadTrip



It seems interesting to me how we have convinced ourselves that it’s normal for people to go through a time in their life that must hate their parents. What's really happening is that children are beginning to form an identity outside that if the parents. Regretfully, our culture does more to poison children against their parents.

Media turns parents in the bumbling idiots and promotes dishonesty because parents "just don't understand." First step, disconnect from the subversive world of media and cultivate a healthy, loving relationship with your kids.

Second, I think we need to start expecting more from our children and that ultimately falls on us as parents to equip them to do what we expect of them. Alexander the Great was 18 when he assumed the throne and began conquering countries. George Washington became a surveyor at age 17 and began speculating on large sums of land by 20. I’m not expecting my kids to conquer lands or seriously pursue business ventures in their teens, but they can definitely learn to be a productive member of the family team.

This all starts by building a solid foundation NOW. In my opinion, this starts with the parents having genuine character, being honest with their kids and admitting their faults when wrong, and pursuing your child's heart. Then through communication, healthy expectations, mutual respect, and loving guidance, we can help them grow into the responsibility and roles that God calls them to.

We want a different type of life, and that requires us to live differently than the world around us. It also requires us as parents to make real changes in our families to reflect that. The more we travel the more we meet people who have wonderful relationships with their teens and young adults and we realize it's because they take responsibility for the family culture.

Just flipping the narrative. Family is a blessing at all ages and stages. Just letting you know our future projection. You can make intentional parenting decisions too. Which direction is your family going?

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JD and I have been married 13 years, have 7 children together, have started and sold 3 businesses, and have full-time RV ‘d for over 4 years with our kids in a 217 square foot bus we converted ourselves. That’s a lot of stress! At least you could think of it that way. Stress is oftentimes an opportunity to grow. For us, we are committed to each other and genuinely in love. We are grateful for each other, our children, and God’s love throughout the ups and downs of this life we share. Yes we argue and have conflicts. As a matter of fact, we argued this morning a couple of times about something trivial (before AND after church). It’s important for us to remember is that sometimes we make mistakes, have unrealistic expectations, and just have crabby moods. When that happens, it’s important to take some time to let our frustration subside and be honest when we’ve done something wrong. JD and I both come from broken families; we know the pain. That’s why we chose from the first day that we were going to make a commitment we were willing to stick with. Let us encourage you, in your marriage to dance it out. Let go of the issue, forgive, and keep going. We can be the cycle breakers. We are doing it differently, and building our families with a strong foundation. Do you come from a strong foundation yourself, or are you the cycle breaker?? Are you a dancing couple or have another trick to lightening the mood in your marriage?? Tell us your tip!! (Or leave ✨✨✨ emoji if you are still praying for a soulmate and we will pray for you!) JD wasn’t a “dancer” but I’ve been able to change his mind. 😜 **If you are interested in seeing more of this content make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter in our bio, and receive a FREE Morning Routine Guide. #marriage #familylife #familytime #familygoals #marriageadvice #getmarried #homelife #homemaker #stayathomemom #christian #christianfamily
Hopefully we won’t be burnt out and broke, but even if we were it’s been an amazing adventure to share with my family. Being on the bus has brought us closer together, allowed us to experience the amazing United States of America, and given us the time to build a strong foundation for our family.

This leap of faith was a scary one. I know we look crazy to some people. Others tell us they wish they had done the same. It all really depends on your perspective.

This has been amazing for my family so, from my perspective, while it is crazy, I’m so glad we did it.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from living on the bus is to be in the present. I have faith the Lord will give us a place to sleep, a direction to go, and ultimately I am thankful for each day. I’ve never felt more dependent upon God’s grace than while fulltime traveling, and I’m grateful to have received so much.

We know we will stop traveling someday, eventually we will grow out of the bus, and everyone asks when that will be, but honestly I don’t want to be focused on what’s coming, I want to be thankful for where I am now.

This was the dream, this was the goal. And I’m thankful to be here today.

We live in a culture all about goals and the future, there is nothing wrong with that. Working toward something bigger is important. BUT don’t lose sight of of where God has you now while you are striving for the “next” thing.

What are you thankful for today about?? I’ll go first.

I’m beyond thankful for this tiny, metal bus I squeeze into with all my beautiful noisy children, this is us. 🤩❤️

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Establishing healthy communication is an excellent first place to start with our kids. The hard part is, just like everything else, it requires US to have self-control.

Many times when telling our kids what to do, we find ourselves repeating our instructions again and again. Eventually we get louder (and louder) and angrier when our kids don’t respond. There are some problems with this approach (we call it “Lazy Love”). First, we are teaching them that losing self-control, yelling and threatening is the way to get what we want. Second, we end up teaching our kids that they don’t need to respond until we start to “lose it”.

There is a better way. It starts with seeing a ground rule for ourselves, “don’t say something you’re not willing to follow through on”. For example, don’t tell your kids “it’s time to go” if you aren’t willing to gather them up and leave... meaning what you say is the essence of integrity and an important thing to teach your kids.

When you do this, you will learn to have self discipline in what you ask of them, and they’ll learn to respond the way you teach them.

Finally make sure you close the distance and have their attention when you talk to them. An easy way to keep them still and focused is to get eye level and have them put their hands on your cheeks. Eventually they will realize it’s important to you they listen and you can start focusing teaching them other ways to respectfully communicate, such as not interrupting.

What part of communicating with your kids do you find most difficult?

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