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Jaleh Lauren Bjelde


Music. Medicine. Magic. ❤️ Artist & Ceremonialist⚡️Stream “JALEH” on Spotify!



Happy International Women’s Day! I want to share the beauty and inspiration of Mukutsawa, the matriarch of Llanchamacocha, the Sapara community in Ecuador whole-heartedly defending the Amazonian rainforest at the headwaters of the Conambo River. She is one of the last three people on Earth that speaks Sapara, with a population near 600, though there were nearly 20,000 in the 20th century. They invite everyone into their dream for the world and are the strongest and kindest people I have ever come to know. Mukutsawa is a heroic role model of a woman - gracefully strong and incredibly loving, overseeing the community as a bold female leader, radiating the wisdom of a powerful medicine woman, while giggling with the heart of a child and beauty of a goddess. She is a defender of Earth, a friend to all nations, a nurturing mother, devoted to family and forest, wise carrying ancestral knowledge, generous, and connected to spirit, she is everything a woman can hope to be on Earth. Paigratchu Mukutsawa!
Celebrando el Día Internacional de la Mujer, quiero compartir la belleza de Mukutsawa, la matriarca de Llanchamacocha, la comunidad Sapara en Ecuador que defiende de todo corazón la selva de Amazónicas en la cabecero del Río Conambo. Ella es una de las últimas tres personas en la tierra que habla Sapara, con una población cercana a los 600, aunque había casi 20.000 en el siglo XX. Invitan a todos a su sueño por el mundo y son las personas más fuertes y amables que he conocido. Mukutsawa es un modelo heroico de mujer- elegantemente fuerte e increíblemente amorosa, supervisando a la comunidad como una fuerte líder femenina, irradia la sabiduría de una poderosa curandera, mientras riendo con el corazón de un niño y la belleza de una diosa. Es una defensora de la tierra, amiga de todas las naciones, una madre cariñosa, dedicada a la familia y la selva, sabía llevando conocimiento ancestral, generosa y conectada con el espíritu, es todo lo que una mujer puede esperar ser en la tierra. ¡Paigratchu Mukutsawa! ❤️
#sapara #saparawomen #mujeressapara #internationalwomensday #mujeresamazonicas #mujeresamazónicas #mujerespoderosas #llanchamacocha #manariushigua
Sending a huge THANK YOU @Bumpboxx for this rad gift they gave me backstage at @BottleRock Napa Valley !! My life is bumpin’ with this thing - it has Bluetooth and a wireless mic, it’s a touring musician’s best road mate! And the color match they chose for me is a dream. I’m so grateful for the love. 💜⚡️ #bumpboxx #jaleh #bts #backstage #bottlerock #musicfestival #frontwoman #festivallife #touringmusician #boombox #bumpin
Another Full Moon, another #moonshaderecords drip! My newest single, “LUCKY STAR” debuts today, streaming on #spotify #applemusic #amazonmusic and the rest! This is a full moon bubble-bath vibes or headphones moonrise-stroll kind of track. Enjoy it 🌝🌸 #newmusic #singlerelease #luckystar #moonshaderecords #fullmoon #aquariusfullmoon #sturgeonmoon
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