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Jake from High Level Marketing


We help companies gain new business and grow through Digital Marketing!

Hey everybody, if want more leads and customers right now, then give me a call! We're the experts helping home service businesses grow through Web Design, SEO, and Paid Search. Text me right now to receive a free Website & Marketing evaluation video, along with a competitor analysis. #hvac #plumbing #heating #cooling #construction #restoration #homeimprovement #marketing #digitalmarketing #jakefromhlm #highlevelmarketing  created by Jake from High Level Marketing with Jake from High Level Marketing’s original sound
🔦 Website Spotlight #3 - Shelby Auto Service 🔦

This is a website we created for Shelby Auto Service in Alabaster, Alabama.

Shelby Auto is a full-service automotive maintenance and repair shop that services all makes and models, including foreign vehicles.

They also offer a convenient drop-off option for those in a hurry.

Whether you need routine maintenance or a one-off repair, give Shelby auto a call at 205-664-4727. And for all of your website and digital marketing needs, send me a message or give me a call!

#webdesign  #searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #websitespotlights  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
🔦 Website Spotlight #5 - Olympus Direct Primary Care 🔦

This is a website we built for Dr. Justin Cooke, MD, FAAFP of Olympus Direct Primary Care, located in Fultondale, Alabama.

Olympus works differently than most primary care providers - they believe in offering affordable healthcare for everyone, when it’s needed, for one monthly fee. No insurance hassles or paying for what you don’t need.

Olympus offers both pediatric and adult primary care services, so if you’re looking for excellent healthcare provided in a refreshing manner, give Olympus a call at 205-927-5185.

For all of YOUR Website and Digital Marketing needs, send me a message or give me a call.

Thanks for your business and trust Olympus!

#webdesign  #searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #websitespotlights  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
🔦 Website Spotlight #2 - Marathon Pest Control 🔦

This is a website we created for Shawn Emerick of Marathon Pest Control near Houston, Texas.

Marathon Pest is a full-service pest control company that offers everything from initial inspection and treatment services to ongoing maintenance plans. They specialize in general pest control, termite control, and mosquito control and misting, among other services.

If you have a pest problem in the general Houston area, give Marathon a call at 832-934-7378, and for all your website and digital marketing needs, send me a message or give me a call!

#webdesign  #searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #websitespotlights  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
🔦 Website Spotlight #1 - RVA Revive 🔦

This is a website we created for RVA Revive in Richmond, Virginia. RVA Revive provides infusion services for those needing help with weight loss, pain relief, immune support, beauty concerns, and more!

Not only were we able to create a website the client was happy with from a visual standpoint, but we worked to integrate the Client’s third-party needs as well, such as their Gift Card Offerings, Online Bookings, and Monthly Subscription Offerings.

If you need any of the excellent services that RVA Revive offers, visit rvarevive.com or give Ashley Shultz a call at 804-409-4550, and if you need help growing your business, send me a message or give me a call today.

Thanks for your business and trust RVA Revive!

#webdesign #searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #websitespotlights  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #15 : How to DOMINATE Page 1 of Google 🤯

Here’s how you dominate Page #1 of Google and get seen by as many potential customers and clients as possible:

✅ Run Paid Ads so you can occupy one of the top spots in the Google search results. 

✅ Have incredible Google Reviews, so that you stand a better chance of showing up in the “Map Pack.”

✅ Consistently work on your Search Engine Optimization to make sure you show up in what is called the “Organic” search results.

✅ Work with an experienced Digital Marketing agency that can help you with all of these items and more, so that you can achieve your business growth goals!

#searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #digitalmarketingtips  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #14 : What exactly are Paid Ads? 🤔

There are many types of online paid ads, but essentially this involves paying to have your business placed directly in front of potential customers, patients, and residents online.

Executing a Paid Ad campaign effectively requires a ton of work and thoughtful strategy, and is related to things you wouldn’t expect, like the quality of the written content on your website or landing page.

Paid Ads can be incredibly useful if you need new business quickly, but once your budget is spent, it might be difficult for your website to be found again.

This is why you should consider pairing Paid Ads with Search Engine Optimization if budget allows!

#searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #digitalmarketingtips  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #13 : What Exactly is SEO? 🤔

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to get your website to appear as high up as possible in search results when potential customers search for the services you provide.

This is sometimes referred to as “Ranking Organically,” as opposed to showing up on Google through Paid Ads.

When done Right, SEO requires a longer-term investment, and it actually consists of several things, such as a solid website, ongoing blogging, business listing distributions, review generation, and more.

I sometimes tell clients that SEO is like a big cruise ship - it can take a while to get up to speed, but once it does, it’s pretty hard to stop something that massive.

When you commit to investing in SEO the right way, you’ll be investing in the future growth of your business.

#searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #digitalmarketingtips  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
In case you missed them! Here are YOUR Digital Marketing Tips 1-4. Watch the video below for these tips:

#1 : Does YOUR website have a Sticky Header?
✅ DMT #2 : Why YOUR website may be slower than you think it is
✅ DMT #3 : Website Speed on Mobile is MOST Important!
✅ DMT #4 : The Internet is Mobile-First!

#searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #digitalmarketingtips  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #12 : What Exactly IS Digital Marketing? 🤔

Even though we live in a digital world, the term “Digital Marketing” can mean different things to different people and different agencies.

When WE help companies grow and gain new business through Digital Marketing, we're usually providing services that consist of Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertisements, Blog Writing, Website Design, and a few other items.

While every business and industry is unique, through our experience, we’ve found these things to be the most important items for bringing in new leads and customers, and actually helping businesses grow!

#searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #digitalmarketingtips  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #11 : You NEED the Google Map Pack 🗺️

When you google for services near you, you’re sometimes presented with a section that contains a map, along with 3 or 4 businesses.

This section is called the “Map Pack.” This is a highly-sought after section of google to appear on, because it makes it easy for potential customers to choose you as a solution for their needs.

Appearing in the Map Pack requires consistent Search Engine Optimization, the generation of positive Google Reviews, and more, depending on how competitive your local market is.

#searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #digitalmarketingtips  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #10 : Do Phone Numbers Right 📞!!

It seems like a no-brainer, but if you want potential customers and clients to contact you, then the telephone number on your website needs to be as easy for your visitors to use as possible.

It needs to be visible all the time, regardless of what page a visitor is on, and it needs to remain visible as the user scrolls, which is why a sticky header is important.

Also, make sure someone viewing your website on a smartphone has the ability to place a call just by touching the number. This requires your website to be coded correctly!

#searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #digitalmarketingtips  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #9 : Written Website Content IS Important!

You may have heard the phrase “Content is King” 👑

This means that, at the end of the day, no matter how flashy your website is or how slick your business presents itself, the content on your site needs to be helpful and relevant to your website visitors.

This includes the written words on your website - whether those are part of a blog post or the static text on your site that informs your visitors about the services you provide.

This content also needs to be written with Google in mind, as one of the ways Google decides WHEN, HOW, and IF you show up online is by evaluating the written content on your website, meaning - written website content is a part of SEO!

#searchengineoptimization  #digitalmarketing  #jakefromhlm  #digitalmarketingtips  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #8 : Your Website NEEDS Service Page(s)

If you’re a business that provides services and solutions to customers and clients (I think that covers most businesses...), then you need to do everything you can to let Google and other search engines know what YOU offer!

As such, you need dedicated pages on your website to provide useful information to your visitors about how your business solves your customer’s problems.

Additionally, having the name of your service or offering in the URL of a page can give Google additional insight into what you’re all about.

Having dedicated Service Pages with quality content and that are optimized for SEO will help your website show up better online, and bring you more business 📈🏆💵

#searchengineoptimization #digitalmarketing #jakefromhlm #digitalmarketingtips #webdesign #jakeevans #highlevelmarketing #seo #marketing
Digital Marketing Tip #7 : Your Website NEEDS Location Page(s) 🗺️🌍🌐

If you’re a business that serves local customers and clients, then you need to do everything you can to let Google and other search engines know where you’re located.

This includes making sure your Business Listing Distributions are correct and you have better Google Reviews than the competition.

This ALSO includes creating dedicated location pages on your website!

Pages that have content relevant to a physical location and that have location information in the URL help you show up better in local search results.

#ppc  #digitalmarketingtips  #digitalmarketing  #searchengineoptimization  #webdesign  #jakeevans  #highlevelmarketing  #seo  #marketing  #jakefromhlm
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