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Jake Call


πŸ“ˆ Helping People Build Online Income Streams Through Trading & DeFi

40 days ago, I invested into a variety of different DeFi strategies and I'm already yielding over 60% annually.πŸ“…

So this is the $5,000 challenge where I put $5,000 into Uniswap concentrated liquidity pools. That basically means when people swap one asset for another asset, maybe that's ETH to USDC I get paid a fee. πŸ€‘

And the reason why, is because I'm what's allowing these people actually swap their assets, I'm a liquidity provider. I provide liquidity for assets that I'm bullish on and I don't mind holding in my investment portfolio. πŸ“Š

So in the past 40 days we've generated around $350 in overall fees.
That comes out to about a 60% annualized yield.

However, we lost about $345 on our initial capital, which puts us at a return on investment of $5, also known as 0.03%. Which obviously does not sound good whatsoever, but the overall market is down 0.5%,
which means if we would have just held our initial assets, we would have been down about $25.

ETH/USDC is doing about a 38% annual yield.
MATIC/USDT was doing about a 30% annual yield.
LDO/USDC was doing about a 70% annual yield.

All of our other pools were doing about a 115% annual yield.

We just use that data to rebalance the portfolio to invest into better-performing strategies
and allocate more money to the ones that make a better profit. πŸ’°

If you guys want to follow this journey make sure to drop a like πŸ‘ and follow ☞ @jakeacall

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I have a question for you. There's two doors. Which one are you taking? πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

Door 1️⃣ you have less than a 0.1% chance of becoming a millionaire tomorrow.


Door 2️⃣ you have a 100% chance of becoming a millionaire in the next decade.

Which door are you walking into? The 0.1% chance or the 100% chance? πŸ€”

If you chose door 2️⃣ then you're in the right spot and give me a follow πŸ‘‰

The problem with the average crypto investors, they want to make money right then and there. And the thing about that is they end up chasing pump and dump scam coins, which ultimately means they might make some money in the short term, definitely not aπŸ’²1,000,000 but they're going to lose money in the long term πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

If these pump and dump scam coins that go up and then instantly go back down, you're basically gambling your money away and honestly, you have a better chance at the casino 😬

Defi as a brand new financial industry that runs on decentralized networks called the blockchain and ultimately, within the defi space, there are tons of different opportunities to make money buying and holding trading, and of course passive income opportunities πŸ’Έ

In my 50K portfolio, I focus on providing liquidity and earning fees that traders pay when they swap assets and if you wanna do the same, then make sure to drop a like and follow the page πŸ‘‰

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Follow this formula to make your first DEFI investment 🀝

First things first, you need a decentralized wallet πŸ‘œ

That could be a hardware wallet, but better yet, you could also get a cold wallet like a ledger, all my crypto is stored on an encrypted hard drive that isn't connected to the internet 🌐

It's the safest option to go.

But you could also use a hardware wallet like Meta Mask or Trust Wallet πŸ”

Next, you need to start finding Defi projects to actually invest in.

I recommend using DefiLlama, cuz it's an analytic website for Defi.

And here you're gonna see a list of all the different Defi projects that ever existed, and you're gonna wanna scroll through those and jot down each one that seems interesting πŸ€”

And to go further on my full strategy, you can download my free report in my Instagram file πŸ—ƒ

Once you've found Defi projects that seem interesting to you, you need to actually start investing in them, which means...

Number 1️⃣, you need to get the assets that you want to invest into those DEFI projects in your Defi wallet.

I recommend purchasing on a centralized exchange like Coinbase and transferring to your hardware wallet, or of course, your cold storage wallet πŸ₯Ά

And then you're gonna go to the project you're investing in's website and connect your wallet to that website.

Once your wallet's connected, it's as easy as falling the steps on the website and actually investing in that project.

Make sure you have proper risk management and you're doing your own due diligence on projects before investing.

Because ultimately if you don't do that, you're gonna end up getting washed out!

Follow me for more DEFI content just like this and make sure to grab your own DEFI report via the link in my bio πŸ‘‰ @jakeacall

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How do I earn over $2,000 per month from Defi πŸ€”

The answer is simple.

I invest in yield-bearing strategies instead of holding coins and waiting for them to go πŸ†™

That could be staking lending and borrowing liquidity providing, or one of the other thousand strategies within Defi 🌐

For example, I'm staking my Ethereum on Lido, but I'm also lending out my staked Ethereum on AAVE...

Then I'm borrowing about 50% against my collateral in stablecoins and investing those stable coins into Delta neutral strategies βš–οΈ

The goal here is to maximize your capital efficiency, and while you could just stake your assets and earn 4%, you could stake your assets, lend out those staked assets, and then invest into Delta neutral strategies 🀝

This strategy effectively ends up yielding me over 25% annually

And then, of course, I have capital dedicated to Delta Neutral strategies earning me over 40% annually.

And don't forget the concentrated liquidity pools I'm in like Ethereum to USDC, USDT, to MATIC and other blue chip assets earning me over 150% annually πŸ“ˆ

With proper portfolio management, you could allocate the least amount of capital to volatile positions while earning the most money from them.

It's about having a plan in place, and if you don't have one in place, you're gonna get burned, which is exactly why you should DM me Defi on Instagram πŸ‘‰ @jakeacall

#passiveincome #defi #decentralisedfinance #yield #cryptocoins #lendingandborrowing #ethereum #lido #aave #collateral #investing #deltaneutral #capital #matic #liquiditypool
I earn $2,000 passively from Crypto DEFI 🌐

While unlike most people, I have strategies implemented to make sure that my portfolio keeps growing no matter the market πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Right now, 50% of my overall portfolio is in Delta Neutral Strategies, printing about 35% annually πŸ–¨

Now, a delta-neutral strategy is when you're balanced in the market, meaning that you don't have market exposure...

You can achieve this by opening a long position and a short position at the same time, which ultimately leaves the other 50% of your portfolio to actually have market exposure β˜€οΈ

Currently, I have 35% of my portfolio allocated to blue-chip yields πŸ’ 

And what that means is I have exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum in other top cryptocurrencies πŸͺ™

But, not only do I have exposure to those, but I also earn a yield on them, which earns me passive income πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

And the last 15% I have allocated to concentrated liquidity pools 🏊

Which prints about 200% a year, and of course this makes up for the majority of my monthly income by having proper risk management 🀝

To conclude, only half of my portfolio has market exposure and the concentrated liquidity pools make up for most of my income πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

If you wanna put your lazy cash to work, DM me DEFI on Instagram πŸ‘‰ @jakeacall

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