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Jahalin Solidarity


Working to prevent forcible displacement of Palestinians 📍East Jerusalem

Jahalin Solidarity attended the #Jewish People Policy Institute event at the #Hebrew University in #Jerusalem , on #Israel -#US Relations and the New Government featuring Ambassador #DennisRoss and Aluf Benn, author, and Editor in Chief of #Haaretz .

#Biden ’s “deep emotional commitment to Israel” was discussed in relation to the US’ commitment to a two-state solution. However, Ambassador Ross used the word “#Palestine ” a mere two times and the word “#occupation ” never.

JS asked how can the US be committed to a viable two-state solution without the recognition of Palestine, the freedom of #Gaza , or support for ending the occupation?

Dennis Ross responded by saying the problem lies in the institutionalized corruption within the #PalestinianAuthority and their unwillingness to hold elections. What about Israel’s constant #internationallaw violations regarding #humanrights? Unequal access to natural resources? Right to #selfdetermination?

If these are the US/Israeli shared values, we won’t be using “peace” in our vocabulary anytime soon.
On January 2nd 2023, the largest forcible transfer of #Palestinian residents since 1967 was decided in #MasaferYatta , South #Hebron Hills.

Following the #Israeli #HighCourt approval, the Civil Administration of Israel informed the residents of Masafer Yatta that they will be given an #eviction notice immediately and if not complied with, it will be done by force.

The villages, comprised of over 1000 men, women and children will be stripped of all their resources. Human rights? #Internationallaw? Yeah, right.

Just a day later, on January 3rd, Israeli #occupation forces #demolished four Palestinian homes and multiple water barrels in the villages of Masafer Yatta. Who’s next, one might ask? You, dear reader, one day soon.
#SaveMasaferYatta #FreePalestine
The #SupremeCourt has rejected Peace Now’s petition to block allocation of a-Nahla (E2) land to build #settlements.

On November 14, 2022 a #PeaceNow appeal was heard by the #Israeli High Court against the allocation of 1,200 dunes of a-Nahla land in the #Bethlehem area for the construction of Givat Eitam, a new settlement near Efrat.

The settlement construction will further divide Bethlehem from the south of the #WestBank, preventing contiguity for the #Palestinian people. That E2 area is the last remaining land in Bethlehem available for sustainable Palestinian development.

The court’s decision reveals blatant disregard for the claims of Peace Now and the 13 Palestinian landowners.
Adv. Michael Sfard, representing Peace Now and the Palestinian landowners, stated:

"The allocation to Efrat is a clear expression of the #apartheid allocation policy, and this is what we argued before the court. Unfortunately, the court chose not to deal with the argument but to ignore it.”
On November 23, 2022 Israeli forces demolished the Isfey al-Fouqa school in the village of A-Sfai in #MasaferYatta, south of the occupied #WestBank city of #Hebron, just one day after #UK and other #diplomatic partners visited.

The school was newly built to provide education for children in the surrounding areas who could not reach schools in a neighboring villages due to checkpoints. Students filled the classroom just minutes before the bulldozers demolished the school, the students scrambled out of windows in panic due to tear gas being thrown at them by #Israeli forces (as seen in the video above).

Just one day before the #demolition occurred, he #ICC responded to #NRC’s objection against the #demolition o rder that was issued for the elementary school stating that #humanitarian needs do not justify illegal construction, resulting in a rejection of the objection and an upholding of the previous demolition order.

Military order 1797 states that the demolition must be executed within 96 hours; therefore, leaving the children with nothing more than rubble.

#SaveMasaferYatta #FreePalestine
Discovery of an #occupying forces camera between stones in the village of #Jibya , #Ramallah district. #Palestine #FreePalestine #Apartheid
Last week, Jahalin Solidarity guided, as annually, international #olive harvest activists, here in solidarity with #Palestinian farmers. Many were church priests who support the olive harvest annually – old friends, familiar faces, great hearts.
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