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Jacob Cooper, LCSW


Best Selling Author, Therapist, NDE'R, Thought Leader, Www.jacoblcooper.com

life continues past your pain..#moment #life #hack #advice #experience #morning #start  created by Jacob Cooper, LCSW with Jacob Cooper, LCSW’s original sound
Heather Tesch joins me on The Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder to share her insights on near-death experiences and life's profound mysteries. Dive deep into the conversation as we explore the extraordinary journey between life and death!


Heather Tesch Is the host of “BEYOND with Heather Tesch”. In each episode she talks with near death experiencers who share their stories of dying and returning to life on Earth. Together they examine some of life’s biggest questions like: What happens when we die? What will we see, feel, and hear? Who will be there? What is the meaning of life? Will we be reunited with loved ones and pets? Are there other forms of life in the Universe? Her guests will not only give you a peek into the afterlife, they will likely inspire you to live a better life. New episodes of “BEYOND with Heather Tesch” come out each Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube.

Prior to starting her podcast, Heather spent three decades working as an on-camera meteorologist and journalist, most notably she spent 19 years at The Weather Channel and The Weather Channel Digital.

In addition to being passionate about sharing near death experiences, Heather is also an animal lover and encourages people to adopt pets from shelters or open their home and hearts to homeless strays. She also remains a weather enthusiast and is a lover of laughter and kindness.

You can find all “BEYOND with Heather Tesch” podcast videos at:


Heather’s Social Media:


TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@heather_tesch?_t=8fwT0RFl0dX&_r=1


Instagram: https://instagram.com/beyond_with_heather_tesch?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

Threads: @beyond_with_heather_tesch@threads.net

Contact: BEYONDwithHeatherTesch@gmail.com
an honor to be a guest on @Grief and Rebirth 🦋 for a wonderful dialogue. check it out!!
a wonderful interview with @jenweigel . Watch the rest on The Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder Podcast #god #spirit
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