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Britta | Growth Strategist


🧠 rewire your mind for your biz Transformation Coach + Growth Strategist

Overthinking + perfectionism imo makes burnout worse. Everything is prolonged, tasks take 2-5x longer & it’s a downward spiral of crappy inner dialogue.

To begin to improve — work on the relationship you have with yourself

How you see yourself dictates:
⚖️how you show up
⚖️ How much you believe in what you’re doing
⚖️ And how much ease you find in doing it

You are *already* more than enough. You just gotta see that and own it.

Best multi-task? Meditation or mindful move (Martial arts, break work, etc) with a focus on self love & self esteem.

Then write down a negative belief that keeps coming up.
⚖️ what’s causing you to work on tasks longer than they need to be?
⚖️ what is making you believe you have to overdeliver on everything in your business?

Now write 2-5 counter arguments for this. What would you say to someone you loved if they’re were struggling here? Write that.

After — Start to refine & rethink your offers / support you provide.

What I’ve seen personally & with clients who are entrepreneurs is burnout & overthinking also coordinated with over delivering & an abundance of extras in their business packages/services that simply weren’t needed.

The magic sustainable scalable business happens when you’re specific & strategic about package/servive offers while simultaneously considering both client needs / journey, AND your goals / energy levels.

If you’re going through this, just know you don’t have to do it alone.

#womenownedbusiness #womenempowerment #selfimprovement #ceomindset #transformation #growth #leanin #youregoingtobeokay #empowerment

disclaimer: *never* medical advice. Always seek professional guidance as needed
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