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lsaac Toast


Join me at isaactoast.live as I record new music despite my noisy cats.



I’ve had to ghost a  few friends over the years and it’s unpleasant but may be necessary for your own sanity.  I’m sure   there have also been friends who’ve had to do the same with me. I don’t advocate for it- it’s better to talk things out. But sometimes talking doesn’t change anything.  In those cases, maybe it’s better to just walk away.  created by lsaac Toast with 's Riffraff - 7 inch single
#duet with @lsaac Toast ever had to ghost a friend? My new song riffraff is about just that. #newmusic #paychrock #desertrock #dadrock #ghosting
My #newsingle just dropped today so now uou can send it to everyone you’ve ever had to ghost. #neemusic about #ghosting a froend
My #newsingle Riffraff drops tonight at midnight (june 2, 2023). The only reason i am bottering trying to hype up the release date is because #Spotify wants you to submit in advance to get on their #editorialplaylists which is a crapshoot. Might be better to just treat it like #soundcloud and upload at will. #newmusic
#guitarists have you ever played with an #EBow on your #electricguitar? I’m not sponsored by then ao am not getting paid to promote them, but i do use an EBow on my #guitar on songs Can’t Take It No More and Riffraff which comes out on Friday June 2nd.
Why do #electronicmusicians and #pianists raise their hands high when playing #drumpads and #piano? Is that just performative or is there a musical reason for it?
Worried about being called #cringe? These guys thought #algreen was #cheesy . There’s no accoubting for taste.
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