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Amy Fox ✨


Jeweler and Visual Artist ✨✨✨✨ www.IronOxideDesigns.com



I get lots of questions on my instagram about where I get tools, what my process is, how I learned to make jewelry, where I get sustainable gemstones etc. I’m an open book, if I can help another jewelry designer or artist, I want to!

Even if you used all the same tools and methods as me, we would still make something different from each other. When you’re just starting out it’s easy to think that someone is copying you, mainly because you have beginner skills (and a lot of people have decent beginner skills.) Also it’s easy to get sucked into trends when you’re starting out because you haven’t carved out your own perspective yet, and tends are trendy, so lots of people are making similar things.

Artists have always influenced each other. Capitalism makes us believe that we have to compete for space, resources, attention, love etc. There’s enough for everyone, especially when we share resources with our community.

I wished that I had more mentors when I was just starting out. As an only child, helping out younger artists makes me feel like the cool big sister I never got to be irl, so don’t be shy to ask me! Inspired to make this post by seeing one from
@archina.laezza , a very cool artist.
#jewelrydesigner #jewelrytips #artist #arttip #jewelrymaking
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