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Polyglot Benny Lewis


🇮🇪multilingual nomad since 2003. Author of "Fluent in 3 Months" (blog & book)



Hard to believe that a year ago I was almost at "severe obesity" levels (but well into class 2 obesity; yes there are different classes of obesity, that I unfortunately know all about...), at a far-too-high 125kg/275lb because of recovering from clinical depression from the most difficult years of my life.

But I sold all my stuff to return to the nomadic life, moved to countries where I could have healthier routines and made major lifestyle changes and am now safely on the way to a much healthier body.

I still have lots of work to do, but I'm so glad I can finally do it in fun ways like hip-hop dance lessons. I have so much fun dancing, so it's actually a vicious cycle that I simply couldn't dance (which really would have lifted my spirits) no matter how much I wanted to, for so many years.

Any time I tried, I'd be exhausted after about 30 seconds.

Back in Mexico, in November, I was out with some polyglot friends and danced for the first time in many years and was able to do it for more than one song. I simply can't express how emotional that moment was for me. It was like a crucial piece of myself that I thought was gone forever, suddenly came back strong and ready.

I still have lots of work to do, but I'm confident that in a few short months with the level of exercise I've got in my routine here in Bali, I'll be able to pull off some cool dance moves for much longer (and maybe not be SO sweaty afterwards...)

If there's anything this journey has thought me, it's that you CAN eventually recover, even from the absolute worst that life can throw at you.

I'll of course be sharing more about the hows of my recovery on and in more detail on my YouTube channel, so be sure you're following those links in my profile if you'd like to hear more about it!

Thanks to
@bittnertwins & the Canggu studio for the dance lessons here in Bali!

#canggulife #balilife #recovery #recoveryispossible #mentalhealthrecovery #dance #dancelife #danceclass #dancegoals #dancelifestyle #dancefitness #hiphopdance #CapCut
In #Brazil everybody has a lightsaber at home. It's used to defeat the evil dark side (of #mosquitoes 🦟). These tennis-racket looking things genuinely use an electric charge to kill the little b@$&€$. I feel like a #Jedi as I swing then around 😂
What goes on in the heads of #airbnb hosts as they are creating their listing. #airbnbfail
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Chemical Plant Zone 1 is a level in #sonicthehedgehog & it's what I should call my house before a big clean up; urged by a guest coming over.
#WeDontTalkAboutBruno #multilingual edition since this song from #Encanto is a bop in every language!
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