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When you start your business as a solopreneur, you think your focus will be on “doing your passion” - coaching, doctoring, writing, baking…

Whatever your “technical thing” is - you went into business to do it and do it yourself.

What you and almost every other solopreneur quickly learned was - you spend a fraction of your time on your technique and most ALL of your time building your business.

“Oh shit! What the hell is building a business if it’s not doing the ‘thing you do’ or making the ‘widget you make’?”

It can be a terrifying question.

And if you’re like I was in 2015, maybe the business you want to start is a whole new skill for you (ain't nothing like Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism stealing your confidence when you’re “new” AND charging people!!!!! Shiiiiiiit! Your value and self-worth are questioned to the bone!)

And people can be so like, “Why would you sacrifice all you’ve worked for as an attorney to throw it away to become a ‘stylist’? Who does that?!”

Yes, you’ll have to learn how to become competent in both your new craft and the skill of building a business.

And you can!

One piece of insight: At various times, your business will need you to play a multitude of roles.

My business is in the business of “healing” — I support high-achieving Black women to overcome self-limiting Bs (belief system) so they can advance (make a quantum leap) their careers and businesses.

Thus, I MUST BE a highly competent, well-trained, super experienced coach…

…My job also requires that I heal from and process my own BS to be an effective coach.

The role of “Healer” is vital to my business. I am her. And she is me…

But there’s more to the story.

My “Healer” is an HOURLY EMPLOYEE!! She clocks in. Does an AMAZING JOB. And she goes home.

My “Healer” is an employee — she’s not my CEO.

My CEO (I am her. And she is me!) makes all of my “non-Healer” decisions like optimizing opportunities for growth, product development and programming, networking and visioning, strategic communications and sales, tracking expenses and gains.

It’s so fun to toggle back and forth between the multitude of TRUTHS that allow me to thrive!!

POV: If you're a solopreneur, be sure to send your “technician” home and reclaim your role as CEO!
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