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Ink Factory


You talk. We draw. It’s awesome. https://inkfactorystudio.com

🖍️ Can't even draw a stick figure? No worries, we've got your artistic journey covered! 🤩

Check out our latest
@Skillshare course: Drawing for Beginners Using Simple Shapes and Techniques. 🎉✨ Say goodbye to doubts and hello to creativity as we help you kickstart your drawing adventure. 👋

Unleash your inner artist as we guide you through using basic shapes to transform into beautiful creations! Join us today at the link in bio and let's prove that everyone can draw. 🌈🚀

#drawing #skillshare #stickfigure #howtodraw #learntodraw
Our new @Skillshare course is for beginners wanting to learn how to use drawing as an everyday tool. ✍️ The whole course is broken up into 10 short videos, and will take 36 minutes total. ⏰ You could do the whole thing in one day and learn the skills needed to start your own drawing practice! 🤩

This course is for all drawing ages. We believe it is never too late to learn how to draw, or to build your confidence in drawing! 📓

With 4 different instructors throughout the course, you will get to spend time with part of the Ink Factory team! 👯‍♀️ You'll also be learning through some very simple and fun exercises. So get your pad of paper and drawing utensil ready, let's learn how to draw! 📝

Link in bio! 🔗

#skillshare #drawing #learntodraw #drawingtutorial #creativityvideos
What is @Skillshare ⁉️

*This is not sponsored by Skillshare!*

We ❤️ Skillshare and want to share our love for the platform with you! Check out our courses to learn more about visual note-taking and drawing - link in bio! 🔗

#Skillshare #drawing #visualnotes #visualnotetaking #learntodraw
Have you seen #visualnotes drawn in person before? How would you use them at your organization?
We recently took #visualnotes at #GYTO2023 for Reading Rainbow star LeVar Burton! Check out the size of that crowd! 🤩

Thanks for having us, @Get Your Teach On ! ✍️💥

#readingrainbow #graphicfacilitation #visualthinking
Our artists prepared this #engagementboard title before the event - check out how this one turned out! 🤩💥

Engagement boards allow you to ask your audience a question and as they put their answers on a sticky note, our artists visualize their thoughts! These boards are always a ooh’d and ahh’d over at events! 😍

Link in bio to chat more with us about bringing an engagement board to your next event! 🔗💬

#VisualNotes #VisualThinker #Events #BusinessTips #ConferenceTips
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