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Initiative For Equality & Non Discrimination โœŠ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

 created by INEND.org with INEND.orgโ€™s original sound
#JusticeForSheila Lumumba

The accused; Billington Wambui Mwathi has pleaded GUILTY to the crime Sheila's of murder & admitted to circumstances leading to their death

Family counsel has asked for No Less Than 50 Years In Jail

Let us seek Justice this #NonBinaryAwarenessWeek


Sheila was a 25 year old Non Binary lesbian who was found Murdered in Kenya- Nyeri-Karatina in April 17th 2022.
The Autopsy conducted by the governement pathologust report released on 20th april 2022 showed among other things signs of r*pe,broken limbs and multiple stab wounds in the neck & Chest Area

Let us amplify #JusticeForSheila
Hii serikali inawapeleka aje?

We collected data highlighting circumstances & incidences pre, during & post-election in 2022 election cycle.

As a Kenyan citizen, We wish to share the Report with you on 30th June at 12 Noon!

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Why The forum?
The region has experienced an upsurge of Homophobia with Anti LGBTQ movement rhetoric taking hold & the political leaders in the Coast rallying violence against LGBTQ+ Community &Human rights movement.

Facts: Media Reporting on issues of LGBTIQ+-both traditional & new media- is sometimes written without facts & harmful language also continues to exacerbate the stigma and discrimination of the LGBTIQ+ spreading disinformation, myths & Misconceptions
There is a need to tell our own story as a Queer community, the mainstream media does NOT have as much power as they did in the past- Emily Sialo

#HumanRightsForAll #INENDForChange
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