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Damion Dunn


I guess you had to be there 😅

While working at the Oklahoma state fair, I got to draw one of the coolest people I know. @jasonkolano Who also happens to be a Caricature Artist!! I’m not saying that adds to his coolness… But it totally does

I’ve actually drawn him before, a few times! But each time I try to push myself and go a bit further. Especially since he’s the kind of artist that enjoys a very cartoony, out there, exaggerated drawing. He’s also lost and considerable amount of weight, as of late, which inspired me to draw this new version of him.

The theme: @jasonkolano is a very one with the Earth kind of guy. Would very much follow a butterfly into the depths of the woods, get lost, and live there. And not once feel bad about it. Aside from looking like SpongeBob, disguised as a human being. He could also double as the term “ a Kuna Matata ”. He’s a hummingbird on LSD. That feeling you get, right after you sneeze… if it could wear a pair of sandals. And more importantly, he’s an absolute joy to be around.

Thank you so much for letting me draw you dude! I greatly appreciate you letting me take another shot at you!

And thank “ Y O U “ for taking the time to read the back story!!! if you have a moment, you should definitely check out his work @jasonkolano

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I don’t get to do them often, but I love drawing pets! Dogs, especially. Their personalities always make for an interesting Caricature.

When these two came to me, they asked for a black-and-white of their dog. And they wanted black and white, because their dog was black and white, but after telling them color would be better, I wanted to make sure they agreed when I was done.

I hope this isn’t an insult to my friend Vince, but I tried channeling his ability to pull color from anything. Blues purples yellows they were all there and definitely helped make even the whites pop.

Sidenote, and I thought this was really interesting. They originally showed me three photos of their dog. Mouth closed, One from the front, one from the side, and one of him lying down. None of which were the ones they showed me at the end, which happened to be the exact pose I came up with. That would’ve been a nice photo to start with, but way more interesting to have done it without it, I think.

I absolutely loved their reaction! And I’m glad I took the extra time, and they trusted me and decided to go with color.

And thank “ Y O U “ for taking the time to read the back story!!! and if you’ve ever wanted a caricature of your pet, feel free to bring me a picture… You don’t necessarily have to drag your pet to the fair lol

#Caricature #caricatures #caricatureart #caricatureartist #caricaturas #cartoon #cartoony #art #artist #drawing #imdunndrawing #thedunisher #damiondunn #littleheartpeople #funny #comedy #InstagramArt #funnydrawings #pets #dogsoftiktok #animals
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