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a life of chaos w/ a dash of travel, fun & fashion 💌imaniktravels@gmail.com


day trip to Bimini!

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my full moon party exp👀

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my chinese (中文) journey!

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my travel safety review🫡

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🥷🏾 in Paris Recs!

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Replying to @beanchillinxien my #blackwomen experiences in #asia have been the best! Heres more of my experience in #china since many are asking #travelexperience  created by imanikmurray with imanikmurray’s original sound
#drake and @Sexyy Red made a bop i cant help it #afrotech
#stitch with @Kheisha Joseph every time I come back from another country, I dread the inability to eat cheese in peace.
#greenscreenvideo honestly this #airplane experience humbled me bc it was never my seat in the first place LMFAO. It was an opportunity to practice and if this happens again!!! I will be prepared and you should be prepared too #psa #entitlement
this is what your #solodaytrip to bimini, bahamas could look like. Take that #solotrip
#investfest with @Greenbookglobal was such an amazing experience! If you weren’t there to meet us in person then head to the 🔗 in my bio to check out the platform. If you were, YALL BROUGHT ALL THE ENERGY AND WE HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!! #investfest2023
best (& only lol) #solotrip out the country that i have ever had ! This sponsored experience from @GetYourGuide was my first experience to the #caribbean other than visiting my home in Jamaica. For all details on what i booked: 1st link in biø. Go to 2nd link in my biø to get full #itinerary details and my full review on @Greenbookglobal !
Replying to @Something Light i keep talking about intentional and conscious travel bc we are seeing the impacts of overtourism and the likeness now more than ever. So its rarely shade when i highlight “non touristy” things, im moreso acknowledging a difference?
Replying to @miss ma’am #bahamas daytrip link in my bio. Very worth it if you’re feeling spontaneous! hopefully this #itinerary helps!@Parade
went on this day trip to the #Caribbean expecting to be bombarded with tourist traps but i was so pleasantly surprised 🥹 this #trip with @GetYourGuide was 10/10! and under $400 #getyourguidecommunity
#greenscreen why make a purse that cant even FIT YA PHONNNEEEE!! What am i to do with this 😭 #unboxing its giving #catfish
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