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Join our adventure collective, find friends to go with. illawomen.com

I’ve moved to over a dozen mountain towns and I had to build my community from scratch EVERY TIME…

…so I decided to do something about it!

Recently moved to a new place and looking to meet new outdoorsy friends? Spend a lot of time on the road and wish there was an easier way to find adventure partners along the way?

ILLA is for you if you’re a woman or non-binary who wants to live life out loud in the outdoors and connect with other women+ in your area who share your mindset.

📱 ILLA is a supercharged outdoor friend-finding app for women+ that works by matching you to small groups (3-10 people) of members in your area who do the same activities, at similar levels, and have the same schedules. The bigger our community gets, the more personalized your matches will be. Even when we have 1M members, ILLA will still feel like you’re getting a personal introduction from a mutual friend.

❌ You DON’T have to download another app! You access ILLA from a website and you receive text notifications when you have new matches or invites.

🏁 ILLA is for both outdoor pros AND beginners. Find adventure partners for over 20 activities, from walking and SUP to surfing and riding dirt bikes. You can also use ILLA to find local mentors, classes and clinics in your area.

🔑 As a verified ILLA member (we review every profile for safety), you can send and receive invites to connect for adventures, view profiles, browse our event database, find special offers from your favorite brands, and join conversations all for free.

📍 The ILLA community is currently focused in the Mountain States, but we have a growing presence in the West and 38 different states represented!

📣 Already a member? Please share something about your experience in the comments!

⚡️ Tap the link in the @illawomen profile to join ILLA!

⚡️ SHARE this with outdoorsy women+ in your network! The more members we have, the better it works.
One of the hardest parts of making friends as an adult—especially as a woman—is that our need for friends kind of changes over time.

In college, everyone was doing the same thing at the same time. But as time goes on our lives become more diverse. Some get married, others don't. Some have kids, others are child free. Some move away, some stay put. Some go to the office every day, others work from home.

As women, we have full lives. And suddenly, we find ourselves trying to make plans three weeks out to spend time together, if at all.

While I always made time to see my closest friends, I realized that if I wanted going to go on adventures every weekend, I was going to have to seek out other women who shared my mindset and my lifestyle goals.

I've always had a “live life to the fullest” attitude, and I love getting outside in any capacity. Yes, sometimes that means going on more extreme adventures, but it also means figuring out a way to get off work a couple hours early to go for a walk on a nice day. Or jumping in the car to drive out to the desert for the weekend or check out a new hot spring I read about.

Once I started leaning into this part of myself—the part that wanted to say “yes” more often and do things that made me feel good—that's when making friends got easier.

At first, I was proactive about reaching out to new people. I'd message someone I'd been friends with on Instagram to see if we could meet up next time I was in town. I'd ask someone I looked up to if they'd be willing to take me snowmobiling if I made the effort to show up.

And then, something curious happened…

Women looking for new friends started reaching out to me! I started getting Instagram messages asking if I'd want to meet up when they came through Jackson. Friends of friends saw me posting about our latest girls trip and asked if they could tag along on our next adventures. It was as if I'd put a signal in the sky for all the other women to see—and they were answering.

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