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Pronounced 'Eye' L-i-T


I cannot put lenses in my wing frames. sorry loves. click the (...) on my link.

Experience the All-New iLit Designs & Join Us in Supporting my beloved community and where all of my designs are created with my team @face_rigz
and best wing woman @hayes_in_hawaii on the island of Maui. I have shared some videos I took during the fires in Kula where we are based out of. And fellow Maui

Today, we not only bring you exciting news about iLit, but also reach out with a heavy heart, seeking your support for our friends and neighbors.
Firstly, we're thrilled to announce that our new and improved website, www.ilitdesigns.com, is live! We've introduced a fresh design, user-friendly navigation, and some fresh drops that you’re going to love!
🌟 Exciting New Features Just For You:

iLit Affiliate Program: Love our products? Share the love and earn at the same time! Join our affiliate program and earn 10% on every sale. Plus, enjoy the benefits of our exclusive dashboard.

iLit Wholesale Program: Expand your retail or vending options with our brand-new wholesale program!

iLit Online Dressing Room: Experience our products virtually! Try on our frames online to find the perfect fit for you.

🔥 Lending a Hand in Times of Crisis
The recent news about the deadliest wildfire in US history is heart-wrenching. It's a catastrophe that's difficult to process and put into words. 
I was there, on the ground, trying to help combat the flames in a gulch and the devastation I witnessed was beyond anything you can imagine. 
Whole communities have been wiped out, countless lives have been lost.
In these trying times, every bit of help counts. iLit Designs is committed to doing our part. We are donating 25% of all our sales to those impacted by this tragedy. 
If you're wondering how you can support, please make a purchase on our site. 
Even if you're unsure of what to buy, our gift cards make for a meaningful way to help. Check them out at www.ilitdesigns.com/product/ilit-giftcard/. 
For those who wish to make a direct contribution, we've set up a donation option right on our homepage. www.ilitdesigns.com
Your support means everything to us and to those affected by this.

Aloha....Stay safe and take care,

#mauistrong #facejewelry #wearableart #facechains #mauifires
It's a big day for me at iLit Designs and I wanted to share my excitement and thank you for your support in iLit Designs, you’ve been a significant part of my journey so far and I wouldn’t be here today without you.

I am thrilled to announce that I now have a new and improved website!
www.ilitdesigns.com, is live! It's designed with a fresh new look, user-friendly navigation, and is updated with the latest about our products. But what's even more exciting is that I just launched a collection of amazing, one-of-a-kind headpieces today! I poured my heart into crafting these unique pieces that are sure to turn heads at any occasion. Be sure to check them out and discover your next statement piece.

As part of the iLit community, I also wanted to introduce some new features that we believe will take your experience to the next level:

    •            iLit Affiliate Program: Do you love our products and want to spread the word? Now you can and earn money while doing it! Sign up at https://www.ilitdesigns.com/affiliate/ to become an iLit influencer and earn a 10% commission on every sale. With access to your own dashboard, you can track live sales, visitors, conversations, earnings, and payouts. Plus, you'll be eligible to earn discounts and exclusive, unreleased iLit gear.

 •            iLit Online Dressing Room: Ever wished you could try on our frames online? Now you can! Visit our website and use this feature to see how our headpieces will look on you before making a purchase. It's fun, interactive, and designed to make your shopping experience with us even better!

    •            iLit Wholesale Program: If you're in retail or vending, we've got something special for you. With our new wholesale program, you can now order iLit designs in bulk and share our unique products with your own customer base! Apply at https://www.ilitdesigns.com/wholesale/

I can't wait to see what you think about the new website and the latest headpiece collection. I'm confident you'll love the new features as much as we do.

Stay posted as some major drop and collabs coming out soon!

Remember, I am here for any questions or feedback you may have. Don't hesitate to reach out.
Hi my name is Nova Lee and I am the creator and designer of iLit that was birthed in 2017 out of Colorado. As the originator of 'angel & insectoid' wings on frames and face chains, I have grown and evolved my styles to keep a fresh new look with every new season. I appreciate all the support in my small creative business working as a one women show up until recently I just begun employing the help of my friend @life_of_hayes . It's been overwhelming difficult to keep up with creating more and learning new ways of improving designs while staying present online. I'm also a DJ/Producer and Painter ....most simply a 'Neurodivergent' as can be. So I am very grateful to have the extra help soon!

The single most asked question we recieve DAILY flooding my inboxes is 'Can prescription lenses put in these frames?'.

I'm working on figuring that part out but right now the way I've been making custom orders with wings on them have been permanently installed using resin. I’ve had clients send me thier old ones to play with and these are some sunglasses that I've decided to 'have fun with' available in my shop. I only made a few and decided to let
them fly away while I'm stocking up for this year's Festival season.

Big shouts to @apocalypticautopsy 👁

I came across her tiktok a couple months the ago after she tagged me in a pair of wing glasses she bought. I noticed she was going thru a rough time battling cancer and lost her eye but still keeping a positive attitude; The truest definition of 'Eye-Lit'!

This Halloween was a treat to play around with her new look and I knew I had to send her a pair! #wearableart #cyclopsgirl #fuckcancer #baddie #bat #halloween
@sarahslaughters slaying her far look in the Green fae frames! #wearableart #faerie #fairytale
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