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The average job seeker spends 11 - 20 hours a week just applying to jobs. That is a whole part-time job in itself and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get paid for that time or use it to live my actual life lol.

I recently found a tool called
@Sonara that actually automates this entire process, so you can do whatever you want with that time back. It can even apply to over 300 jobs a month for you! You start by uploading your resume, enter the job titles you’re after, if you want remote-only, etc.

It then takes all that data and automatically finds and applies to those jobs without you ever having to do a thing from then on. You can add a few of your own picks to the job application queue too though (which is a pretty cool feature).

It’s free to start using, but increases after the free trial. So, I reached out to them and they were kind enough to offer my subscribers an exclusive discount code 😍 Use the link in my bi0 with code TAKEBACKYOURTIME20 at checkout for 20% off of your first month!

#ad #RemoteJobSearch #RemoteCareers #JobApplicationsBeLike #GetARemoteJob
Replying to @M the law gets a little grey under specific circumstances but yep, looks like its totally legal 😔 but this bill might help! #RemoteWorkProblems #RemoteCareers #WorkersRights #WorkerRevolution #CorporateGirlieTips #CorporateAmerica
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