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ileavebreadcrumbs aka hatdaddy


Activist. Maker. Goof. Nerd. Breadcrumbs change lives. . 👇my 🧢s & more👇 .



Replying to @zokden #Inverted You could have just seen your way out, but since you wanted your POV shared I decided to reciprocate. ☺️
Replying to @ba.byreen #Inverted The internet is forever my friends, so are our comments, both the smart ones and dumb ones.
Replying to @thatswhatjaysaid It means a lot when someone doesn't only listen to you, but they actually hear you. I go back and forth on if any of this is really ever worth it, then I get a nudge that tells me hell yes it is. Thank you.
Replying to @ileavebreadcrumbs #Inverted It's not worth hoping for better. What seemed like the truth was always the truth. You enjoy weaponizing people against our community, so we'll just work to undo the damage you obviously enjoy causing.
Replying to @jaywhite019 #Inverted Whatever being you pray to ask them to give me patience today because momma is RUNNING OUT.
Replying to @janemarietaylor #Inverted The only thing sick, is someone who feels they have the right to say this to another. Someone they don't know from Adam. People like you used to scare me, people like you used to make me feel less than. Those days are long gone Jane, and I'll do my best to make sure anyone who hears your words ignores them and sees them for what they are: NOTHING from a NO ONE.
Replying to @jaywhite019 #Inverted Let's be a little kinder shall we?
Replying to @hezw33 #Inverted thank @pinko_dykebomb for this AMAZING new addition to my vocabulary!
#onthisday This seems oddly well timed given current events.
Replying to @thealabamapirate75 I'll wait for ya to process those feelings and come back with something that can be discussed, like an adult.
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