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I Know Dino


We podcast about dinosaurs weekly. Subscribe & get your dino fix! iknowdino.com



Early on in our podcast, we were lucky enough to interview legendary #dinosaur paleontologist Phil Currie. (one of the #JurassicPark consultants!)

Hear our interview with Phil Currie in episode 4 of our show.
In episode 433 of our #podcast , we got to chat with John Holmes about recreating J.R.R. Tolkien’s 1938 presentation “On Dragons” (yes Tolkien was interested in paleontology!)

We also discussed #dinosaur diversity, dinosaur of the day Atlasaurus, and more!
What makes a sandwich a sandwich, and how do sandwiches relate to #dinosaurs ?

First, what is a sandwich? Do hotdogs count? What about tacos, or calzones?

Another important question: do dinosaurs sandwiched together count, like the Utahraptor project?

And if a sauropod steps on a turtle and opens its shell, does it turn the turtle into a turtle sandwich?

We ponder all this and more in episode 411 of our podcast I Know Dino
In episode 432 of our #podcast , we talked about how Microraptor may have been able to hunt like a modern hawk, the connection between #dinosaurs and hockey (in more ways than you might think), dinosaur of the day Duriavenator, and more!
In episode 431 of our #podcast , we got to chat with Julius Csotonyi and Evan Johnson-Ransom about their new epic book “Dinosaur World” (they covered over 1200 #dinosaurs —so many facts and gorgeous illustrations!) 

We also talk about #dinosaur brains (was #Trex as smart as a baboon?), dinosaur injuries, dinosaur of the day Lurdusaurus, and more! 

Stegosaurus, the “roof lizard”, is a #dinosaur most recognizable for the kite-shaped plates that run along its neck and back and the thagomizer on its tail.
In episode 430 of our #podcast , we asked if #dinosaurs could have had whiskers like cats. We also found lots of Pokémon characters based on dinosaurs (of course there are dragons and it turns out there’s even one with big eyelash looking sails on its head—like a cute Amragasaurus), and we talked about the hundreds of titanosaur eggs recently found in India, and #dinosaur of the day Lophostropheus.
About the teeth of #dinosaur of the day Ostafrikasaurus, from episode 421 of our #podcast . Pretty interesting AI video from Dub!
It’s day 25 of celebrating 8 years of I Know Dino! In episode 349, we discussed which #dinosaur to ride. (Would you want to ride a dinosaur that walked on two legs or four? How big would it need to be?)

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