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iFix Construction Saving DFW Clients Thousands with Foundation Repairs.

Replying to @jray1020 there are also steel piers which have interlocking sections, also steel piers are great for the specific scenario that you are using as example. if concrete piers are hittin bedrock just about 3 ft deep, they are not the adequate repair and steel piers are highly recommended to penetrate deeper into the load bearing strata. all pier systems are good when installed properly. we expect the concrete piers to go at least 12-18 feet deep, if they can't reach this far then another repair method is recommended such as hybrid piers or steel piers. it is very important that your foundation repair contractor knows the soil in your area very well so the right decision over the adequate type of repair is offered.

lack of knowledge and experience in specific areas commonly lead to failed or non durable foundation repairs.
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