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The Pawn & Gold Broker


Located in Idaho with 2 locations. Professional Pawn and Gold Brokers having fun



#goldbars #meridianidaho any size order better than online pricing
A #silver #heart with over a 100 years of #history inside of the #coins . The fond memories once shared between the peoples hands exchanging the currency has been lost with time. A picture to recapture the memories as the silver coin moves onto the next#ipg#silv er #meri dian#idaho
If you did not know, the #925 stamp on #jewelry means something very simple #92 .5% #silver . The stamp alone does not guarantee it isn't fake, but is a great starting point. In fact just yesterday I went through a bag of silver for a lady after she attended some local rip off buying event where they thought all of it was real silver. On some of it, all I had to do, was take a magnet to it. Other items, I used our Metal #XRay M achine. Another stamp to keep an eye out for is #800. Th is is #80% si lver. Remember if you do not have a #Pawnbroker in yo ur life, find one. Pawnbrokers are typically very knowledgeable in determining the value and #authenticity of an item. Not all Pawnbrokers are the same, just like lawyers, doctors, painters, etc.... Located in #boiseidaho #nampai daho #meridi anidaho we are the best rated in the State #idahopawnandgold #ipg
There are 3 types right now, "1️⃣ struggling", "2️⃣ hanging out" and those "3️⃣ waiting for opportunity". It doesn't feel like anyone is taking action, just sitting back waiting to see what happens. As the ⚙️ #economy shi fts, and the uncertainty takes hold, it feels like an almost guarantee the direction the economy is headed, is down.This is the general feeling amoung most folks we meet. What does this mean as it relates to liquid assets and your 🏠 neighborhood #Pawnbroker? We keep rocking and rolling. #Lending #money, # buying items and serving the needs of the community while adapting to keep sales flowing.As a customer you can sit back and wait to declutter unused items while they depreciate, or message your personal Pawnbroker for an offer or valuation. If you are someone who is ready to jump on an opportunity, you may need a replacement stereo for the boat or something more like freeing up the excess physical assets. We can help turn those assets into something as liquid as precious #metals bound to hedge against inflation. Be ready to leverage faster to secure that opportunity no matter your needs are.Here at #IPG we sell and buy # jewelry at near melt pric e based on the #gold and #silver value . This can b et a great option for investing purposes. 🪙 We sell gold and silver beating all online prices. 💸 Cash or wire transfer we will work to provide concierge service for your needs. 3 locations #boise #meridian #nampa #bulli on #idahop awn #id ahopawnan dgoldhttps: //pawnidaho.com
Have you considered #Gold and #Silver as an Investment? STOP and READ our tricks to spot the Fake stuff1️⃣ Look for thick plastic 2️⃣ Check the weight 3️⃣ Compare to known sample or test with a skilled professional Get this, so #copper takes up significantly more volume then gold per troy ounce. So if it is the right weight it will always be to big. If it is the right size it will always be to light. If it is #tungsten filled it will weight nearly the same as gold and be the right size. This is because the density is very similar. But get this, the velocity or sound is much different. Tungsten will sound like a thud (free apps can test for you).Now #silver and it's characteristics compared to other metals are a little different. Stay tuned for another video explaining soon.As always, we are your source to buy or sell #bullion, #coins, #r ounds, # jewelry a nd more. W e are YOUR #PAWNBROKER. We even sh ip!Idaho Pawn and Gold #boiseidaho #meridianidah o #nampaidaho
When you hear 1921, what do you think of, what comes to mind? Drum roll........a #MorganDollar is what all you coin collectors out there think of!For those that did not know, the last year a Morgan dollar was minted, was 1921. Then the #PeaceDollar c ame. These coins contained 90% #silver a long with others and stayed this way (with silver) until #1964. #Nickels o n the other hand only contained silver during certain years (35%) and are called #warnickles. From 1942 to 1945 the copper was needed for ammunition and substituted with silver. The same for copper pennies. In #1943 a ll but a few pennies were minted in steel. A few slipped through the cracks and are now worth 100s of thousands. We often get customers in with steel pennies thinking they found a Gem when in fact a normally looking 1943 penny in that year is the niddle in the hay stack most people have stopped looking for. A copper penny sitting along the rest, looking like all the others. Reach into your pocket and look for the 1943 copper #penny. Seri ous take a look. If you happen to find one and looked because of this post, send us a PM so we can help broker the sale :). Don't forget to call your Pawnbroker. They have the resources you need. Everyone needs a Pawnbroker in their life. Who is your Pawnbroker? #Idaho #Nampa #boise #Meridi an #pawnsh op
We asked everyone "What Can You Ask A Pawnbroker but not your wide?" and were surprised with the #naughty responses. "Is that #gold r eal?" was the best we could come up with. What's your naughty or nice response? Located in #Meridian #bo ise and #Nampa #Id aho
A #bar of #gold #silver or #Platinum ? Which one do you buy, and do you place the order local or online? Online may seem more convenient and cheaper. The truth is, you are probably leaving money on the table. We have sourced the best prices possible allowing us to pay more and sell for less. By being dual service, #pawn and #bullion , w e are Your #Pawnbroker. We are here for the community. Think of us like Your Painter, Mechanic, or Electrician. We are YOUR PAWNBROKER. This means we are experts at determining the liquid #value of it ems while being connected with brokers, buyers and sellers in most industries across the country. By being Your Pawnbroker we are able to get the best prices to you for buying gold, silver or any bullion. By being Your Pawnbroker we are able to pay more for your bars, and other gold/silver items. Give us a try, you may be surprised with the results and how we are reshaping the local pawn industry here in #Idaho #boise #mer idian # nampa
What just happen? You have found a gem, a local store who deals in pre-owned luxury bags with a way to authentic. Just off the freeway in DT Meridian, your Pawnbroker is here for you. ✅️ No more shipping and taking a risk. ✅️ No more ordering what you do not expect. ✅️ No more getting 10% of the value. ✅️ No more waiting days to get #cashKey m oments in our life happen at a different moments for each and everyone of us. It could just be this moment, the moment you have found your Pawnbroker. To us, a Pawnbroker is here to serve the community. ✅ This includes the trust of handbag #authentication✅ Paying th e most we can against the liquidate value. ✅ Providing exceptional service. ✅ Providing a positive experience.If you have not visited with a #Pawnbroker in a store, swi ng by any of our locations and ask them a question. Maybe something like "what is the weirdest item you have handled?" or "what is the most expensive item you have bought?"Is it a handbag, is it a watch, gold.....or musical instrument. The answer will be different from your Pawnbroker. #boise #meridian #idaho #ida hopawnandg old #id ahopawn #louisvuit ton #Gucci #entrupy @
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