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This is how I keep my marketing agency’s @Rising Ecom | Marketing Tips sales pipeline full of prospects I’m eager to work with at all times!

I bought @Jordan Platten ’s course last year and one of the most important things he mentioned was to always keep your pipeline full. That way, you have a bunch of opportunities lined up and you won’t be so desperate to close your first client.

Here’s exactly what I do, step by step:

1. I don’t just look for the first business I come across on social media. I look for brands who I believe I can truly help further grow their eCommerce business. Why should you try to help a business that you have no clue how to help when you can reach out to businesses that sell products similar to the ones you use on a daily basis. I like to stick with what I know, then slowly test other niches. Always remember that everyone is a consumer, including yourself.

2. See what the dominating brand is doing that your prospect can do differently to a point you create, as @Alex Hormozi says in his book $100M Offers, “a market of one”.

3. Last but not least, I use @Notion to track the level of communication I have with prospects and consistently follow up with them until I land a meeting and close them as a client.

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Day 20 | Giving #notionai a try to build the landing page for my newly released product available on the @Rising Ecom | Marketing Tips website. If you’re an agency owner, freelancer, or a service provider in the online space, you do not want to miss out on this.

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Who else uses @Notion as much as I do? 😂

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