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h woo


LA i like food full recipes on ig teamhwoolee@gmail.com



Replying to @philiplemoine i revisit my first viral recipe. Oh how much i've changed in 2 years, better technique and the same depression.

28 day dry aged strip from @alpinebutcher , pomme purée, and a REAL sauce bordelaise.

#steak #dryaged #mashedpotatoes #bordelaise
i am honored and excited to announce the launch of The H Woo Bowl at all @sweetfinpoke locations starting TODAY! 🖤

i started working on this bowl with the sweetfin team back in nov. 2022, right after spending a month traveling in Thailand. the bowl takes inspiration from a thai raw fish dish i had there , "Yum Salmon". after several iterations of the bowl, i'm really happy with how it turned out, and i hope that as many of you get to try this creation of mine.

lastly, i just want to say thank you. your support in my content creation journey has led me to opportunities i only dreamed of. ultimately, i've always cared most about trying to serve my food to people, and your support and the entire sweetfin team has made this a possibility.

again, thank you so much. i hope you enjoy The H Woo Bowl, available at all @sweetfin locations 🖤🐟🌶️

#poke #thai #sweetfin #hwoo #collab
s/o @chef.chrisono who has been teaching me fish butchery - to be frank i did a very mediocre job here, there are many ways to break down fish and this is just 1 way

#fish #dryagedfish #seabass #sukibiki
The simplest dish I've made in a while, oyakodon, with @KikkomanUSA Teriyaki Takumi, Original. #ad The Takumi sauce is traditionally brewed with garlic, ginger, onion, and aromatics, which really helps elevate this dish. You can also add it straight out of the bottle to meats, veggies, or rice bowls for a bold kick of flavor for an easy weeknight meal.

#CookingWithKikkoman #oyakodon
#ad watch Next Level Chef, Thursdays at 8/7c on Fox! My #NextLevelDish would be this korean galbo jjim inspired beef cheek bourguignon @foodclubfox
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