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Humphrey Yang


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“I just dropped my phone in the mop bucket on Friday…” 🥺❤️❤️ @rgcfoundation

This video was made possible by the nonprofit RGC that gave me money to giveaway to students. Nathan didn’t hesitate one bit to give his only dollar which was folded up in a cool shape to help out a stranger. Video style definitely inspired by Jimmydarts, and MdMotivator and all the kind people who give money away online.

RGC’s mission is to raise awareness for ADHD and ASD. Their #RGCgivingback campaign is live soon, so check them out at rgcfoundation.org and even have a chance to win up to a Porsche 911! Check them out.

More videos to come!
Estimating Sales: Local Pizza Place 🍕So interesting that weekends comprise most of their sales. #pizza In the future we’ll be getting more costs from businesses, but the next two videos after this are just top line estimates. Most businesses don’t want to share their exact profits! Still interesting nonetheless and I hope you follow for more 🙂
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