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Book box highlighting BIPOC stories by @charmedgeek_ Use tiktokmademe = $15 off

This book is a hidden gem. ✨ If you are someone who intends to make vour creative conquests vour main source of income vou should read Small Doses.

@amandaseales takes the time to provide chapter on chapter of small paragraphs filled with her wisdom she's gained as a result of life and life's obstacles. Her poignancy and wit combined with a creative, colorful book design makes for the most fun self help book you'll ever read.

Reading through this book felt like vou're chatting with vour big sister who's gone off to the real world while you're still in school. She's come back after a few ears of traveling and she sits down with you to share everything she's learned so that you can be better than her. Basically, this book is love.
You can feel it in every line. You can tell Ms. Seales put her heart, soul, and smile into every dose.

As you read, you'll find tips for self doubt, for career, for money, for everything you need to make it in this world. So while our first recommendation is for creatives, everyone could benefit from this medicine.

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