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Art Critic Futurist 🧬 Editor-in-chief/Co-founder, @Hyperallergic 🗳



Listening to There Must Be Other Names for the River (2019– ) by Marisa DeMarco, Dylan, McLaughlin, Jessica Zeglin in Santa Fe. Its part of the GOING WITH THE FLOW: ART, ACTIONS, AND WESTERN WATERS show curated by Brandee Lee & Lucy Lippard  created by Hrag with Hrag's original sound
#stitch with @silkyganache Why are people spreading this lie? I don’t get it? A quick google search proves this is not true.
#greenscreenvideo Let just admit @hannah.is.over.this is being over the top. Maybe it’s a joke but the reality is not good for LGBTQ+ people in Dubai, and yes, it’s much worse than Florida.
#stitch with @fit.blake.95 Let’s be honest conversation about queer oppression in the Middle East/West Asian. Real oppression exists, and I hope this person is having fun. No hate to them. Only love 💕 and thanks for posting.
#duet with @viceworldnews #ClimateAction respect to these activists for making their point and not damaging the artwork 🖼️ We need climate action
#stitch with @_fitdad1 I’m really curious because as an art critic I’m not seeing the appeal of sterile streetscapes. Democracies allow expression even if sometimes it’s something you don’t like. Let me know your thoughts.
#duet with @• Radical • #fyp Truly amazing. Thank you, Saudi Arabia.
#duet with @viceworldnews #freudianslip This is sick. Until he is brought to justice …
#stitch with @lololceyda #greenscreen Don’t post this kind of racist shit that diminishes genocide and the continuing denial of it. Most #Turks don’t want to understand the impact of genocide. Not our problem. We will keep asking. #ArmenianGenocide
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