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How Do You Drew


How Do You Drew is a weekly Drew Barrymore podcast brought to you by @drewseum

As promised, here’s a look at the @Drew Barrymore cover feature from Interview magazine’s May 1995 issue! 🤩 to hear more about the photos & article, listen to How Do You Drew on all podcast platforms! #drewbarrymore #batmanforever #ericerlandson #hole #90smagazine #90sdrewbarrymore
We referred to both of these clips in our latest episode (in which we cover @Drew Barrymore ’s entire biography!) & they both happen to revolve around Drew’s first acting job at 11 months old. Listen to How Do You Drew on all platform podcasts for more! #drewbarrymore #childactor #howdoyoudrew
@Drew Barrymore ’s supposed clumsiness just adds to her appeal ☺️ listen to How Do You Drew anywhere you get podcasts! 💛 #drewbarrymore #tonightshow #johnnycarson
Waaaay before @thedrewbarrymoreshow premiered, @Drew Barrymore gave hosting a go on Rosie’s show! We’re happy to see this adorable appearance has been uploaded to YouTube, we’ve talked about it a few times on the pod! 🩷 #drewbarrymore #thedrewbarrymoreshow #rosieodonnell #rosieodonnellshow
One of @Drew Barrymore ’s zanier looks from 2009! To hear us talk about that entire year start to finish, listen to How Do You Drew on your podcast platform of choice! #drewbarrymore #justinlong #miamimarlins #2009
2009 was truly the year that kept on giving for @Drew Barrymore fans! Hear about everything you see here and more on tomorrow’s episode of How Do You Drew! 🤘🏻#drewbarrymore #2009 #whipit #greygardens
1996 black haired @Drew Barrymore hypnotized Luke Wilson, along with the rest of us! 🌼🖤🌼 for more Drew fun facts, listen to How Do You Drew wherever you get your podcasts! #drewbarrymore #lukewilson #1996 #tamradavis
This segment from @Drew Barrymore ’s Wildflower was totally aligned with the 1993 Details article we covered in episode 38! 🤍🤍🤍 listen to How Do You Drew wherever you get your podcasts! #drewbarrymore #drewbarrymorepodcast #wildflower #90sdrewbarrymore
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