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Hi, I'm Astro. I use RFID to link the real world with blockchain. #hotdoge



Unlike some other doges, HotDoge has real world value. We use RFID Technology to link our world with the digital one. Besides that we do all the things everyone else does too... But better! #shiba #hotdoge #floki #saitama created by HotDogeOfficial with HotDogeOfficial's original sound
#DiamondHands coming out with another collection called #DojoDoge . Here's a sneak peak at one of the NFTs. All Diamond Hand créations are tied to a crypto that's paid automatically to wallet holders. Follow us for updates!
DeFi, NFTS, Gaming, Utility Dapps and more. #Hotdoge is a managed BSC smart contract with too many features to list in one post. Check our website at https://Hotdogetoken.com and join our other socials and chats. Subscribe for all the latest updates. No spam, just relavant info you need to DYOR.
You can win a grandprize pool of at least 200 billion #hotdoge tokens plus all contributing tokens to the Grand prize total once #fifa2022 concludes. Join the telegram by visiting our official website https://Hotdogetoken.com
#Hotdoge ready for blast off? DYOR at https://Hotdogetoken.com
Up almost 30% in 24 hours and recovering to 60 day high. Let's keep holding our #BNB Dividends. If you're seeing this for the first time. #Hotdoge is the next #Doge moon rocket. See our website for details. Hotdogetoken.com
If you're not holding #Hotdoge , you're wasting your time. Why wait for a moon that may never come when you can earn real BNB, RIGHT NOW.
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