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Chrissy Horton


Your big sis through pregnancy & motherhood Mom of 5 💌chrissy@ttpmtalent.com



#answer to can someone answer this? Why do sometimes they hook you up to a catheter after administering an epidural and sometimes they dont? Did you have a catheter when getting the epidrual?

#givingbirthbelike #hospitalbirth #epiduralbirth #pregnancylife #momtobe2023
Replying to @natpattt1 is the Snoo worth it?? My personal review on it as a mom of 5

Given this is my 5th baby I couldn't justify buying one so I rented! Before the Snoo my baby would wake up the SECOND he was put down. Since the Snoo, he sleeps for 2 to 3 hour stretches. (For those concerned if he is sleeping too long, he has great awake times, eats very well, is gaining weight and his doctor said everything was fine!)

Not only is it beautiful, but it has a built in mesh swaddle that allows air flow and room for baby to wiggle a bit (so basically it isn't too tight), a gentle rocking motion and a built in white noise machine. It detects when baby starts to cry and will adjust the rocking and sound to try to soothe them. Personally, this function isn't of use to me since I pick my babies up the second they cry 🙈 but I know it's of use to many other families! My

Conclusion: I was insanely skeptical at first but after giving it a try I found it is 💯 worth it, especially if you are renting! To each their own though.

By no means do you need any of these expensive items to have a healthy, happy, thriving, baby! This is is just an extra item that has been very helpful to us!

#babygearreviews #snooreview #babysleeptips #babysleephacks #postpartumrecovery #newmomlife #babyregistrymusthaves
Replying to @nikkimariat Do you need to get baby’s birth certificate notarized when requesting it via mail???
Replying to @erraticpeach the Gen z shake is the new millennial pause 😉
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