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mostly embroidery 🪡 I’m glad you’re here

Here’s what subscribers are stitching with me in October!

Each month, I send subscribers to the Hopebroidery Box a pattern and thorough step-by-step video tutorial for that month’s project. Subscribers to the physical box also receive all the supplies you’ll need for your project, including: full skeins of Sublime Stitching embroidery floss; large cut of Kona cotton fabric; pair of Kelmscott Designs embroidery scissors curated specifically for that month’s project; embroidery needles and threader; four inch bamboo embroidery hoop; and materials for transferring your design to fabric.

Subscriptions for this particular project are open through the end of September, and boxes are set to be sent out the first week of October!

Not into subscriptions? Not a problem! Once I’ve sent subscribers their boxes, I’m able to add this new project to my site for non-subscribers to enjoy. And because I design a new embroidery project every single month, this means you’re able to choose from loads of different designs and themes throughout the year!

I hope you’re having a lovely week so far, and happy stitching!

[Image description: Hope gathers the fabric from an upside down embroidery project with her left hand and tucks a circular piece of cardboard into the back of the hoop with her right. Next, she flips over her embroidery project to reveal the design on the front, which features three mushrooms surrounded by a wreath of pine needles and accents in shades of red, off-white, and brown floss, on a deep green cotton fabric. She has on bright green fingernail polish and is working on top of a white surface, surrounded by a brown burlap bag and embroidery floss in shades of red and brown. A text box appears, “instrumental,” to indicate the music playing in the background.]

#LifeOnTikTok #TikTokPartner
This is a video of me adding two layers of fabric to my hoop (instead of just one). I usually do this when the fabric isn’t super opaque, but not always. It kind of depends on the fabric!

Outside of embroidery, I also enjoy other more casual (for me) crafts and hobbies. I started a “commonplace book” recently (where you’re meant to save quotes, passages, things like that). It’s been a great outlet! It’s nice to have a single physical place for notes on things I’ve been reading, listening to, or resonating with. At times I’ll add something decorative like here, but not always. I’m using a Hobonichi original book, but employing the dates for indexing purposes only (so if you happen to have a brand new Hobonichi original a6 book from several years back that you don’t want or need, I would be more than happy to take it off your hands, lol).

(P.S. I’m 99% sure I first saw this quote via @retrosoul__’s account, which you should check out!)

I hope you’re having a fulfilling week so far, and happy stitching!

[Video description: In this sped up, overhead video, Hope prepares a small wooden embroidery hoop with two layers of an off-white cotton fabric. She’s working on top of a white surface and is surrounded by various props: the corner of a stamp, an orange clip, and a pink highlighter labeled “W/R”; the corner of an opened container of unused watercolors; and a notebook opened to a quote surrounded by simple and amateurish watercolor flowers. The page reads, “James Baldwin, in an interview (1970)” at the top. The quote at the center of the page reads: “Love has never really been a popular movement, and no one’s ever really wanted to be free. The world is held together by the love and passion of a few people. Otherwise, of course, you can despair. Walk down the street of any city, any afternoon, and look around you – what you’ve got to remember is everyone you’re looking at is also you. You could be that person, you could be that monster, and you could be that cop. And, you’re to decide in yourself not to be.” A text box appears, “instrumental,” to indicate the music playing in the background.]

#LifeOnTikTok #TikTokPartner
This is mostly an embroidery account, of course, but I do also enjoy other crafts! I call it “creative free play” and I put it in my habit tracker and everything; this way, I feel like I’ve got to make time for non-embroidery related practice and play (versus feeling like I’m wasting my time on something I enjoy; because we’re not supposed to enjoy things, right, we’re supposed to be doing labor, etc. etc.).

I’ve loved using thicker paint markers in the past (I used another brand’s to create the little canvases at the top left of this video), but I’ve really been wanting to try these super fine acrylic pens from @GrabieOfficial. I appreciate being given these by Grabie; they’re a little bit out of my post-summer budget, and it would have been months before I could think about getting them otherwise!

I’ve been enjoying using these; you can see a few of my initial doodles framing the quote at the top right of this video. I’m thinking of playing around with these on fabric–I haven’t stitched over paint in so long, and I’m getting all sorts of ideas!

[Video description: This super sped up overhead video begins with Hope holding a plastic package of 28 Grabie acrylic markers in loads of different colors, and in no particular order. She opens the package and takes the pens out of the package, piling them on top of each other as she goes. Next, she organizes them back into their package, color-group by color-group and in more or less "rainbow" order -- shades of pink and red, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. She's working on top of a white surface, with props at the top of her shot: three small canvases with painted strawberries and lemons in bright, summer-colors to her left; and a notebook with a quote from the novel "All the Lovers in the Night" surrounded by small painted flowers to her right. The quote reads, "My life is nowhere but here, and I am nowhere else.”]

#LifeOnTikTok #TikTokPartner
You’re watching me create a portion of the pattern for the fruit sampler hand embroidery project, originally released last year! This kit was so much fun to design and stitch – you’ll find this on my site as a full beginner friendly kit, or choose the digital pattern on its own (perfect if you already have plenty of your own supplies!).

There’s no right or wrong way to create an embroidery pattern; that said, if you’re interested in learning how I take a finished hoop and turn it into a pattern for transfer or color guide like this, you’ll find a direct link to a tutorial I made a few years ago in my bio.

I hope you’re having a great week, and happy stitching!

[Image description: In this sped up overhead video, Hope uses an Apple pencil and the Procreate app for her iPad to trace over the lines of a finished embroidery project, which features a strawberry, lemon, and pear, surrounded by orange butterflies and colorful embellishments in shades of pink, orange, yellow, green, and white, stitched onto a pink fabric. She’s working on top of a white surface that has various supplies and props scattered about, including: the finished hoop she’s creating a pattern for in the video itself; green and yellow pin cushions; bundles of floss in pink, orange, and white; a lemon-shaped bowl with embroidery needles and a metal needle threader; and the corners of tiny colorful painted canvases. A text box appears, “instrumental,” indicating the music playing in the background.]

#Hopebroidery #EmbroideryPatterns
blueberry kits 🫐

[Image description: This sped up, overhead video begins with Hope holding up an embroidery project featuring a simple, line-drawn blueberry bush stitched in shades of blue, white, and green, surrounded by a pink butterfly and accents. After moving the project out of her way, she begins to place various embroidery kit supplies into a small brown box, including: patterns for transfer with the blueberry design in black ink on both a white piece of cardstock and off-white piece of washable transfer paper; metal needle threader attached to a brown card with blue washi tape; two embroidery needles stuck through a small piece of deep magenta felt fabric; a folded up cut of the project’s bright greenish-yellow cotton fabric; skeins of embroidery floss in pink, white, green, and bright blue, tied into a bundle with a piece of deep blue yarn; four inch bamboo embroidery hoop; a brown burlap bag, into which she stuffs a small golf pencil and a pair of pink stork-shaped embroidery scissors; and an insert card with a photo of fabric on one side, and written instructions on the other. In the next shot, she’s wrapped the box with a label in white, green, and blue. The label reads, “The Hopebroidery Box” (at the top); “Your new embroidery kit is here! This kit includes access to a full-length, step-by-step video tutorial where I take you through the entire project from start to finish. I hope it’s helpful! I can’t wait to see what you make!” (at the right); and months and a place for the year to be handwritten (on the left). In this photo, she’s circled “JUN” and written “2023,” indicating this is the box originally released in June of 2023. Text boxes appear, “harp,” to indicate the music playing in the background, and “watch me pack a blueberry embroidery kit.”]
Here are the first four projects subscribers to the Hopebroidery Box have stitched with me this year - so far! I keep these hanging on the wall as a sort of mini collection; I want them to look nice together!

The January (plant cuttings) and February (two daisies) projects are both available on the site, just in case you missed out or prefer to choose your projects outside of that subscription box model! Typically, I’d have the March (two butterflies) and April (potted cactus) projects up on the site by now, too, but I’m a bit behind! It is what it is, I know y’all get it. I’ll get the projects up on the site when I can (and I hope to get their design processes in writing and on the blog in some form, at some point, too!).

I hope you’re having a lovely week, and happy stitching!

[Image description: This overhead video starts with a shot of four hoops flipped to their backs, with January 2023, February 2023, March 2023, and April 2023 handwritten on their cardboard backings. Hope flips over each hoop to reveal their designs, setting them back on the white surface design-side up. The projects include: a green cactus with brown spikes, pink flowers, and brown outlining in a peach pot, stitched on bright blue fabric; three line drawn plant cuttings in shades of green and blue nestled within vases that sit within a pink stand, on bright green fabric; two daisies surrounded by florals in shades of yellow, white, green, and pink, on pink fabric; and two pink butterflies surrounded by vines and flowers in yellows, pinks, blues, greens, and brown, on white fabric. These projects are surrounded by various embroidery supplies and props, including: long blue embroidery scissors, white embroidery scissors in green, white, blue, and silver; bundles of floss; and folded pieces of felt. A text box appears, “instrumental,” to indicate the music playing in the background.]
The crescent moon flowers hand embroidery kit is available on the site and includes all the supplies you’ll need to complete your project, plus access to a full-length video tutorial where I take you through the entire process from start to finish. I build these kits with the total beginner in mind - I’ll show you everything you need to know!

I hope your week is going well, and happy stitching!

[Image description: This sped up overhead video begins with Hope holding up a finished embroidery project featuring a crescent moon stitched onto a dark blue fabric and surrounded by flowers and leaves in bright greens, yellows, pinks, and blues. She places the hoop back on the white surface she’s working on and begins to place various embroidery kit supplies into a brown box, including a black and white drawing of the project’s design; a pair of embroidery needles stuck through an off white piece of fabric and metal needle threader washi taped to a white card; a folded cut of the dark blue cotton fabric; a white fabric pen; skeins of embroidery floss in pink, light gray, yellow, blue, and green, bundled together with pink floss; a four inch bamboo embroidery hoop; a pair of long matte black embroidery scissors with circle and square shaped handles, which she places into a brown burlap bag before packing; and a notecard with a photo of tangled bits of embroidery floss facing up. She closes the brown box and ends the video by showing the finished embroidery project once more. Text boxes appear with captions, reading “I put out a brand new embroidery kit every single month, and this is the kit that I originally released in November of last year. It’s like a crescent moon with flowers around it, super fun, really pretty one.” Another text box appears throughout, “acoustic guitar,” to indicate the music playing the background.]
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