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The most perfect supplements & treats to keep dogs & cats active & happy!

Let them decide. 🐶  #petsupplements #pethealth #fyp #healthypets #homescapepets #doghealth  created by homescapepets with Official Sound Studio’s Sunrise
Taking care of your dog or cat’s health doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s make a SUPER SIMPLE hip & joint meal topper in just a few seconds. 🐶🐱

1. I’m using Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Veggie Mix but you can use your preferred veggie mix -
@Dr. Harvey's
2. 2 scoops of Homescape Pets Mussel Mobility joint supplement or Mussel Complete for those with advance joint issues
3. Bone broth for collagen - @Crude Carnivore Bone Broth🐶🐱
4. Add water & mix thoroughly
5. Pour a few tablespoons over each meal
That’s it — Nothing more complicated than that.

🔗Learn more about the Mussel Mobility supplements at the link in our bio! 🔗

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#1 Supplement for Sporting Dog Breeds

Mussel Mobility Complete is our favorite pet supplement for working dogs!

Check out Mussel Mobility in our TikTok shop and our complete on HomescapePets.com

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