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Holistic Habitat


Rachael & Kristin. We curate decor with an impact far beyond your home.

I thought this post was about some awesome HH products I used to organize our art studio, but to be honest… it’s so much deeper than that. I haven’t shown my face on here in awhile and it’s because I simply couldn’t. I feel grateful that I am in a position to slow down when my world comes crashing in. Danielle & I (you may know her from customer service) recently lost our mom and first, I want to finally take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the kind words via IG & email. We read them all and we are so moved by your kindness. The last couple months have rocked me in a way that I don’t quite have the words to describe. It was a sudden loss of one of the most sacred relationships in our lives. This room was created out of necessity. The table she created at needed a new home, so I brought it here. She sat here for hours making leather straps & pillows for you all, and while this space is now the perfect place for me to create in, I haven’t yet found the courage. Grief is filled with surprises. I needed to make this space sweet. I did it for her. I needed to make it functional. I did it for her. And one day, when I’m feeling creative again, it will be for me too. Until then, I’ll visit her table. I’ll hold her scissors. I’ll hug her sweater, and I’ll try to draw close to her in the things she left behind. This is your reminder to slow down through the hard stuff. The world keeps going even when you’re the only one that felt it quake. Deep breaths, pray, more deep breaths. We can do hard things. #grief #loss #smallbusiness #womanowned #shopsmall
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