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Hold Me Back


Father & Son Bridge the Generational Divide. https://open.spotify.com/show/4v9

Take your Gen-Zer to work they said. It’ll be ~fun~ they said. Click the #linkinbio to hear more from Aidan and Ash on today’s workplace environment and what a Gen-Zer thinks to be the most important. 👏🏼 #HoldMeBack #podcast #worklife #corporatelife
In the world of the workplace, it is a "buyer's market". From remote work, to benefits, to having windows in your office; what's benign and what is not? We all have our opinions. But what's interesting is hearing it from your #teenager . Ash has spent so much time in Gen Z’s world, Aidan felt it was time to turn the tables. Aidan infiltrated several work environments during his internships and exploratory visits this past summer - and he had some things to say! In fact, he made a Top 10 list of observations. Follow the #linkinbio to hear more. #HoldMeBack #podcast #worklifebalance #teenager #parenting #top10
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