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Behavior Consultant 🐺 primitive dog lover 🐺 CTC, CSAT here to share edu

Replying to @holdenk9 @whosagoodboy_industries It was worse (louder barky/growl, weight shifted fwd, close proximity w/in 1m) before I started recording. "Good boy" etc now brings him down because it reliably predicts comforting ACTIONS on my part.
I should also mention this isn't our first rodeo & recovery used to take much longer. And finally he isn't overly restrained, he can ask to leave the yard area & has some choice regarding how close he is to the power tool. #behaviormodification
Replying to @holdenk9 @djurpedagogen this dog is an Adventure Girl who travels the continent & does a ton of wilderness hikes with her (very ecologically conscious) people so we needed a plan for chasing wildlife! #dogtraining #sportingdog #adventuredog #reallifedogtraining #onlinedogtraining #highdrivedog #gundog #wildlifeconservation
Replying to @jessicacrerar Yakutian Laika were the first sled dogs in Siberia ❄
#stitch with @insideoutdogtraining Something truly special about this one too. I was totally in love. We spent many hours together & I'll remember her forever. It's always an honor to help them onto their next phase & through a stressful time.
Reply to @lovedirtypaws so many intersections and connections to be made when we look at animal welfare through a person-first lens. Glad there is interest in this book, it's eye-opening. NOTE: I am using BIPGM because the book does.
Reply to @nicedoglady too long of an answer for comments, here are my thoughts! Such a fascinating thing to think about. "My" seizure alert dog is still working for her veteran many years later so I'm happy for them!
Reply to @o.cao.haroldo we need to be careful with any added stimulus (appetitives OR aversives) in bmod but ESPECIALLY during desensitization. Body language body language body language cannot stress literacy here enough. #dogtraining #dogbehavior #desensitization #appliedbehavior #transparency
Reply to @markywright7171 I mean, just what I could find in 10mins on my phone from the past year outta the 10+ I've been doing this. πŸ’…
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