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Inspiration for highly sensitive people and empaths ✨ HiSensitives.com

Restoring my great grandmother’s clock - part 1!

So this project has been on my wishlist for a while. Not only because I love DIY projects, but also because this clock is of great value to me.

It belonged to my great grandmother Erna - who was born in 1912. Before that, her family owned the clock, meaning that this clock is more than a hundred years old.

Actually this clock was in my parent’s house and it worked perfectly, until one day it stopped ticking. Not much later, we received a call that our great grandmother had passed away. Her time of passing away was the same time as when this clock stopped ticking, which made our family feel even more connected to it.

Sadly, a few years later wood worms decided to go live in this clock and since houses in Norway are made from wood, we had to store it in the garage asap! The wood worms truly enjoyed their time in the clock, so some pieces have been damaged.

Years later, I asked my parents if I could restore the clock and they loved that idea.

So now it’s here in the Netherlands with me and I got started with the restoration today.

The first steps I took were to sand the clock and treat it against wood worms. Now it has to sit for 2 days and then I’ll check if there are any traces of active wood worms in the clock left.

Since there are so many holes in the clock, I will most likely fill the holes with wood filler and afterwards give it a nice colour. Which colour do you think would look good?

#restoration #diy #familystories #greatgrandmother
Personal growth insights I’ve had recently:
- I am in charge of the pace of my daily life. If it’s too busy, it is my job to slow it down. Oftentimes, I’ve felt as if my schedule took over my life. I went into victim mode and mentioned often how my schedule was too busy. As if I wasn’t the one scheduling it all. 😂 I’ve come to realize that I owe it to myself to keep my schedule manageable for my own energy levels. If that means saying “no” or “not right now” every now and then, then so be it.
- Exchanging the word ‘should’ with ‘could’ has taken so much pressure off my chest. Instead of saying “I should clean the house”, “I should work on that home project” etc. it is more gentle to tell my inner self “I could clean…” or “I could work on…”. It takes the feeling of urgency away and gives me a sense of freedom.
- As I heal, my surroundings heal too. It is like a domino effect. As you start healing and feeling more positive and light, your energy will shift and other layers - deeper layers - of healing in your surroundings will be activated.
- My higher self is the version I am right now, helping my younger version of myself. This one truly blew my mind when I first came across this piece of wisdom. Oftentimes, talking about your higher self feels like it is far away and impossible to reach. But putting it in this perspective, makes you realize, you are always connected with your higher self, just a future version of yourself helping you right now.
- Resting after a long period of stress is the biggest act of love I can give myself for my present and future self. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dealt with a great load of “rest guilt”. Whenever I would rest, I felt guilty and lazy. However, I’ve realizes that the greatest things are achieved from a calm and grounded nervous system. Especially as a highly sensitive person, rest is crucial to reset. So rest without guilt.

What personal growth insights have you had recently? Share them in the comments to help other highly sensitive people and empaths who are on their personal growth journey.
#mindset #hsp #highlysensitiveperson #empath #highlysensitive #personalgrowth #selfcare #positivevibes #higherself #selflove
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