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Kat Walsh


Owner: High Vibe Brands located in Santa Fe and NYC! Marketing, coaching

✨🎄 High Vibe Brands here, still buzzing from the magical Tree Lighting Ceremony in Santa Fe last night! As a brand dedicated to capturing and sharing the essence of this vibrant community, we were in our element, gathering stunning content for all our Santa Fe clients. 📸❤️

The plaza came alive under the glow of thousands of twinkling lights, creating a backdrop that was nothing short of enchanting. As the tree lit up, so did the faces of everyone around – a true testament to the spirit of Santa Fe. Capturing these moments, from the joyous expressions of families to the intricate beauty of the lights, was an absolute delight.

Being part of this wonderful community is a blessing that we at High Vibe Brands cherish deeply. Santa Fe isn't just a location; it's a source of inspiration, a place where every corner tells a story, and last night's event was a beautiful chapter. The energy, the warmth, the sense of belonging - it all resonates with the values we hold dear as a brand.

We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with our Santa Fe clients, helping them to showcase the unique charm and vibrancy of this city. Last night was a perfect example of why we love what we do. The content we captured is not just visually stunning; it's imbued with the spirit of community and the magic of the holiday season.

Thank you, Santa Fe, for being a never-ending source of inspiration and for welcoming us into your extraordinary community. We're excited to share the magic we captured with the world and to continue celebrating the unique vibe that makes this city so special. 🌟🎅
#SantaFeMagic #TreeLighting #HighVibeBrands #communityspirit #highvibelife #santafenewmexico #visitsantafe #highvibebrands #socialmediaqueen #lovemyjob
🌟✨ Visit to Stardreaming: A Journey of Wonder and Intention ✨🌟

, High Vibe community! We recently embarked on an enchanting journey just outside of Santa Fe, to a place where art, nature, and spirituality intertwine: Stardreaming. 🌄

Spanning twenty-two acres, this site is more than just a piece of land; it's a canvas where visionary artist James Jereb has woven a tapestry of cosmic artistry. Every stone, flag, and bench; every crystal, feather, and shell has been placed with profound intention, creating an atmosphere that's truly otherworldly.

As we wandered through spiraling stone labyrinths, stood beside imposing monoliths, and admired the gigantic crystals, we felt a deep connection to the earth and the cosmos. 🌌 The metal sculptures marking each temple – like the Temple of the Milky Way, Temple of Magic, and Temple of the Heart – narrated stories of celestial wonder.

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring was the hand-built Pyramid of Light. Standing there, amidst this remarkable blend of art and spirituality, we were reminded of the power of human creativity and its harmonious relationship with nature. 🌳

Stardreaming is not your typical tourist destination. It’s a pilgrimage for the soul, a place that resonates with the frequencies of the earth and stars. If your travels take you to Santa Fe, we highly recommend stepping off the beaten path and immersing yourself in this magical, mystical land. 🌀
#visitsantafe #highvibelife #santafefun #santafenewmexico #highvibebrands
I love working with @santafehousingtrust I recently got a lot of video in Spanish so we can reach their clients. #highvibelife #highvibebrands #santafe #ilovemyjob
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