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Bailey Drew


brb, probably traveling 👱🏻‍♀️your dog mom bestie 📍currently: Cali

Which one are you?

@evanheffernan26 was trying to teach me how to foil surf and this is how it went 😂 I couldnt stop laughing when I was making this video. I have about 50 clips of me falling like this haha!

#boyfriend #goodateverything #commitment #funnyreels #couplegoals #couplefails #wakesurfing
Save This Post!!!! 👇🏻

Hudson went paralyzed as a puppy and was diagnosed with Kyphosis. When I first shared about Hudsons Kyphosis I never realized how much I would be able to help others going through the similar situations! Save this post to help you or someone you know!

I will share a little of our Experience here⬇️(check out my blog, & my YouTube video to learn more)

Veterinary Neurologist - David Lipsitz at Veterinary Speciality Hospital in San Diego. Dr.Lipsitz was highly recommended. He was amazing and I would 100% recommend him. I met with many vets before finding him.

Therapy Center - Atlas Rehab For Canines in Santa Barbara. Once Hudson was ready after surgery for more activity I started him at Atlas Rehab. He loved going to therapy they were amazing and helped Hudson in many ways.

Acupuncture - Pasternak Veterinary Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Pasternak is truly amazing. He is a great vet and has helped Hudson with his recovery through spinal surgery. Along with that, he has become our primary vet in LA.

Age Paralyzed - Hudson began to go paralyzed around 4 months and he had surgery at 7 months.

I am sharing Hudson’s journey through spinal surgery and what worked best for us 🤍If you have any questions please leave them below!

#spinalsurgery #spinalsurgerywarrior #spinalsurgeryrecovery #spinalsurgerysurvivor #recover #fighter #fightlikeafrenchie #frenchie #dogmomma #girlandherdog #mypup #lovemypup #lovemypuppy🐾 #mydogisbest #obsesseddogmom #prouddogmom
Love yourself 🫶🏻

I have been taking time to slow down and fall in love with myself in new ways & my life has changed so much. It’s so easy to get too “busy” to take time for yourself but it’s so important!

Our podcast is back
@unleashed.club Season 3! New episode weekly!!!


Do you want to challenge yourself to grow? #heybaileydrewletsgrow is my challenge to you. Join me in embracing new adventures and pushing ourselves to grow. No matter how big or small the moment is, use the hashtag to share your growth!


#country #countryliving #lifestyle #nashville #nashvilletn #loveyourself #loveyourselffirst❤️ #liveyourbestlife
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