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Weekly Feminist video essays ✨ Full videos on the P-treon ✨ Stay feminist!



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In 1971 a group of Danish feminists did something very interesting - they created a space outside patriarchy. Or did they? What does that type of space even look like? And what does it mean? ⛺

These are questions I answer in this episode of my weekly show of video essays called FEMINIST FRIDAYS. If you are interested in history and culture, then this series might be for you.

All you gotta do is go join the Patre0n gang and then you can watch all previous episodes + the future ones of course. It is 3 dollarinos a month but if you want a monthly newsletter as well, it is 5 dollarinos. It is a way to support me and my work where I educate us all in feminist ways about the world we live in.

NOTE: After having made this episode and posted about it via a reel this week, I have unfortunately had a lot of wankers write transphobic shite in my comments and in my DMs. If you believe trans rights aren't a feminist matter, you and I disagree, and I hope you will unfollow me. I also found out after having filmed this episode that this women's camp do not welcome trans people nor non-binary people if they have been assigned with male parts from birth, and this is something I do not understand nor agree with.

Womanhood is for all women. That's it and that's all.

Stay feminist.

#feministscholar #feministfridays #feministfriday #womenscamping #transrightsmatternow #transrightsarehumanrights🌈
Would a strike like this even be possible in 2023? I have my doubts when one look at the current climate of such vast differences between simple questions of rights where so many women and other non-males agree that human rights are not rights but options for those with a uterus for example. And if one cannot even agree on something so simple, then I think the idea of something like what the women's strike on Iceland in 1975 meant is too far out. Which is a shame.

I have chosen to make an episode about this for this week because I want to kick off the convo in regards to the rights of today and how we can protest when pricks take them away or simply won't give them. How do we do that in the world we live in now? How do we support those who want to but cannot or do not know how?

I am aware this might be a bit of a philosophical matter but you are always wonderful with all your opinions, thoughts, and insights, so I am looking forward to seeing what you think about all this.

Please remember that if you want to catch the full episode of my weekly feminist uploads then you must go to my P-treon and join the rest of the gang over there. We are a funky group of feminists and I appreciate everyone who is supporting me each month. There is easy access to the site via my profile so click that and do your thing. Thank you!

#womensstrikeiceland #vigdísfinnbogadóttir #feministfriday #feministfridays #equalpayforequalwork #genderwagegap #wagegapisreal #womensrightsarehumanrights💙 #womensrightsmovements #womensrightsmatter💗 #womenunite💕 #womenunited🤌💔🤦🏼 #unitedwomen #patriarchyproblems #patriarchysucksbecause
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