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I simplify marketing for businesswomen so they can make💰& impact Dashboard 👇🏾



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Sometimes marketing feels like a 🎢 ride—some seasons it’s smooth sailing, and others, well, not so much.

I totally get it. Active marketing, where you put yourself out there, hustle, and chase after opportunities, can be overwhelming at times.

It’s like running a race, constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends and grab people’s attention. It takes energy, effort, and a lot of your precious time. No wonder burnout becomes a familiar companion along the way. But this is where you get your best data, quickly.

On the flip side, there’s passive marketing, the often misunderstood gem that tends to fly under the radar.

It’s like planting seeds in a garden and patiently watching them grow. But here’s the thing—many folks tend to underestimate the power of passive marketing. They see it as a daunting task, something that requires too much work without immediate results.

But let me share a little secret with you: finding a balance between active and passive marketing is the key to sustainable growth.

It’s like discovering the rhythm that allows you to dance gracefully through the seasons of your business.

When you focus solely on active marketing, you might experience bursts of success, but they often come at a cost—your time, your energy, and sometimes, your sanity.

On the other hand, passive marketing holds incredible potential. It’s like setting up a foundation that works for you while you sleep.

Think about it—creating valuable content, optimizing your website, nurturing relationships, and building an engaged community. These are the seeds that, when planted and tended to with care, can grow into a flourishing garden of long-term success.

If you want support as you find that sweet spot between active and passive marketing then join our vibrant community, Revolutionary Society, where we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of both active and passive marketing.
#stitch with @Alex Hormozi You should watch the full video from Alex. Despite only hitting my enrollment goal for my program Revolutionary Brand during my launch 3 times in 2 years, yes, I hate selling, I still made over $200K from launching over and over again.

The value in the repeated launches is the data. And from the data I collected I:

🎉created another 6-figure offer
🎉built up a brand where I get asked to coach others on stage and in programs
🎉I have a long list of repeated clients who share my value with others
🎉I never waste my time posting content that doesn’t resonate

Failed launches made me sad. But they always taught me a valuable business lesson I never would have learned if I had stopped launching after the first time.
The marketing you are doing today will impact your business 6-months and even 1-year from now.

And my question is, are you currently doing the kind of marketing that will:

🤔 Book you aligned, qualified clients
🤔 Give you enough time in your life while still operating your business
🤔 Generate leads AND sales
🤔 Book you speaking opportunities
🤔 Build your brand in accordance with your mission and values

…6 months or even 1 year from now?

Because it might have been trendy to make a bunch of silly reels and looking for trendy sounds, but then look at how quickly Instagram and TikTok back tracked and started saying they wanted longer content that was original sounds and more authentic 🤡

Some of the marketing that you don’t want to take the time to do (e.g. Blogging, Pinterest, Youtube, podcast, sending emails, updating your website or your copy) are the exact things that will determine how your January 2024 launch will go, will be your saving grace when your account gets hacked, will keep the money flowing when you finally say, “🖕🏾Instagram, I’m tired of posting!”

You know you need help doing all of those channels and the reason you haven’t hired the help is because of your budget, right?

But when something like Revolutionary Society comes out and you have a space to learn to manage and run the marketing channels you need be on, you get the resources to make the implementation easier, you have the space to ask all the questions nobody seems to answer, and you finally have a group of inspiring, hard working women in the weeds with you for $99 a month, for some reason you still don’t make the commitment.

If you don’t want to be a business owner just say that.

For real. Be very honest about what you are doing here. If you are going to run this business, yes, do it your way, but your way will always have to include marketing and sales.
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