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HeritageBaby: Baby Carriers


Modern, stylish, practical babywearing accessory for every parent.




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New parents arent just navigating having a new baby, but also how to operate in a way that serves them at the same time! I like to know that certain areas in my home are always clean and the bathroom is top of that list. Im thankful for babywearing in my ring sling so that I can contact nap WHILE getting a small task done. My husband (and partner) and I share this, so off camera he’s “Dadding” our 5yo and 3yo while cleaning the kitchen. I hope that you find a method that works for you to find some calm and peace in your new journey. #babywearing #babywearingmama #ringsling #cleantok #bathroomcleaning #momof3 #postpartum #fourthtrimester  created by HeritageBaby: Baby Carriers with HeritageBaby: Baby Carriers's original sound
#greenscreenvideo while I don’t suggest giving birth to your baby in the car, it wasn’t nearly as scary as you’d imagine. #carbirth #thirdtrimester #crazybirthstory #birthstory #unassistedbirth #naturalbirth
#greenscreen baby gear can be really expensive and brands will have you out here believing you need to spend all of your dollars on a product you’ll barely get use out of AND market it to you in a way that’s not even safe for use. As a mom of two with one on the way I promise you don’t need a shirt to have your baby skin to skin. You don’t need anything for skin to skin except for SKIN. A newborn wrap can allow you some skin to skin while freeing up your hands and you can even move around in it safely 🤯. #babygear #infantsafety #babywearing #newbornhacks #babyproducts #babywraptutorial
Inspired by @Maddy - Childbirth Educator 🤰 to show the other side, Yes, parenthood will ROCK. YOUR. WORLD. But there is so much to be proud of together, lots to to celebrate and so much to learn as your partner through some big changes. Hopefully this reaches those who need to see it most #momlife #relationships #lifeafterbaby #marriageafterkids
#greenscreenvideo and then we wonder why babies are being injured… it’s super important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer when using a product, and I believe wholeheartedly that we can’t be perfect. But when a brand creates marketing that is unsafe you lose me. #infantsafety #infantsleep #safesleep #babywearing #deinfluencing
Replying to @Kimberly try this out and see how it works for you! Nursing in a carrier is definitely a little more advanced, but once you master it it's game changing. Please always nurse with hand support in your carrier - it is not completely hands free and you must adjust your carrier back to the recommended carry once baby is done. #newbornhacks #babygear #babyproducts #babywraptutorial #firsttimemom #postpartummusthaves #breastfeedingtips
Replying to @ lots of newborn safety questions on my last video. I hope these tips help. Stretch wrap carriers are my favourite newborn baby carrier for so many reasons, and once you nail down how to get it on I’m sure you’ll love it too! The most common errors I see are too loose a tie and covering baby’s face. #babywearingsafety #newbornhacks #newbornsafetytips #babygear #babyproducts #babywearing #babywraptutorial
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